Pens and Ink: Pelikan M200 Blue Marble with Diamine China Blue

Pelikan M200
A little while ago I got a great deal on a few out of production Pelikan M2xx series fountain pens and among them is the blue marble released before 1997. I chose to pair this ink with Diamine China blue ink, which I had a sample of thanks to the Gouletpens Inkdrop from years ago. It was high time to use up the sample! 

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These were just sitting on a shelf at an office supple store just waiting to be picked up. From left to right: M215 blue stripe, M200 Blue marble (pre 1997), M215 Orthogons, M250 Black Dark Green (pre 1997). Most of these are not in production anymore, but the blue marble can still be found. I have a pre 1997 version though and those are a little different from the newer productions. The more clear distinction being the imprint on the cap.

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The cap on the right is engraved and pens after 1997 have a painted logo like you see on the right. More info on how you can identify and estimate a date of your Pelikan in this very useful blogpost by the Pelikan's Perch. Joshua's site is super useful as he compiled a database of various Pelikan designs with the factual data. He also does reviews on Pelikans and keeps other fans updated on the latest of the brand. Definitely worth following if you are also into Pelikan pens! Specific info on the various Blue Marble pens I found this post on FPN very useful. 

pelikan m200 marble
Back to the pairing. I written a page in my mindfulness metta meditation journal and it's a pretty nice conventional blue. It has some shading to it but not a lot. The medium steel nib In have on my pelikan has some spring to it and shows off some of the shading.

Pelikan M200

It's a toned down blue but I quite like it. Cleans out easily and well behaved, it's a fun suitable for work kind of color. More reviews on the ink you can find on Peninkcillin and PenPaperInkLetter blogs. 

I have a few other suggestions for work-safe blues in this post: The Namiki Falcons and Blue Hues experiment. What is your fave "suitable for work" kind of blue?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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