123... Breathe - StencilGirl Collaboration post

Hi everyone, its been a while since I've posted here. I've been hanging out on Instagram mostly these past years. But I do miss sharing some stuff here now and then. What better way is there to start off blogging again than to reveal the collaboration piece I did with StencilGirl columnist Tina Walker, which is all about self portraits.

Collab participants were challenged to create a self portrait, using any mediums, design styles, or techniques of choice, but with the caveat, to create a portrait as they see themselves. This is what I made for the challenge using a whole heap of my fave StencilGirl Stencils and a lot of different media. 

I started with a face stamp on watercolor paper. and wanted to create an underwater mermaid scene. This piece is all about releasing the inner mermaid and to dive deep and just breathe through it. 

I worked with a lot of layers of acrylic paint over top of the watercolor, but made sure there were transparent layers for depth, and also added some interference colors for sparkle effect. 

These are the materials I used, decoarts and dina wakely acrylics.

And all the stencils I used


Past, Present, Future 


ATC mix up Apter

I really enjoyed making this piece for this collaboration project. Please have a look at all the wonderful works by other talented artists in the blogpost HERE 

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

xo Cheetarah


Imagination vs Knowledge

A little  while back I had this a guest post on the StencilGirl blog and wanted to share this here as well.
For a while now I have been experimenting with watercolors and creating patterns with stencils. And today I would like to share a project which was a result of the experimentation which is an interactive watercolor painting.

The base is a large piece of watercolor paper by Viking 1914. I used the landscape pad which is 15x42 cm, 310gms in weight & 50% cotton.  The paper was glued on all sides to the block so the paper doesn't warp with using a lot of water. Great quality paper and having it taped down is very important for a successful watercolor painting. The paints I used are from Sennelier, a french professional watercolor brand which I have filled the wells of my Koi travel pocket box with. The brush I am using is a large quill brush and I made sure to have 2 water cups, one for cleaning and one for mixing. I traced the face silhouette from Seth Apter's Borderliners Large stencil (a dec. 2017 StencilGirl® StencilClub stencil release) on the right hand side and then went to work to create a galaxy color composition over the entire page.

When working with watercolors, timing is key, so I do not have many mid process pictures. I've worked on these layers for about 30-45 minutes, adding color and letting them blend out in a process you have to practice with patience and appropriate speed. I have watched many tutorials on YouTube on how to create galaxy watercolor paintings and this is a very simple & effective tutorial: https://youtu.be/ZFVLLjS912E and I have applied the same technique in my painting.

After the piece was thoroughly dry I took a medium damp cloth and created texture by removing some color over the dotted pattern in the large stencil. I only did this on the aria's opposite the silhouette.

I made sure the silhouette was standing out by using contrasting colors and keeping the edge of the line as sharp as possible. Darkened the face up more and used an opaque white ink for the starker contrast. Now to add more patterns in the piece.

With a black paint pen I have traced the large bubbles which were in the same large stencil as the face, then colored them in with the opaque white acrylic paint. I also splattered some of the white paint over the painting. The added in the quote "Imagination is more important than Knowledge" with the black paint liner. The quote by Einstein is found on the Pen & Ink Large stencil by Lesley Riley.

After I was done with the painting I took it off the watercolor block I folded the painting because I planned to make an interactive piece out of it.

I took a semi transparent acrylic dark blue and a semi opaque lighter blue paint and sponged it through the large numbers of the Borderliners stencils. Then traced the numbers in with a black paint liner. I cut out the silhouette face so it folded over the quote. I traced the quote lines with a wite paint liner for some contrast. 
This is what it looks like when you open up the side of the face. With an exacto knife I cut open a portion of the silhouette line, folded in half to glue it in place like this. Added the same numbers border with a mix of the paint and traced it with a white paint liner. With this last detail added I called the interactive painting done. Here are some close up pictures. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how this interactive painting came together and that you might try making something like this yourself. Have a lovely day.

xo Cheetarah


Art Journal: Valley of the blind - VLVS!

Over at VLVS! blog I am sharing this art journal spread using lovely Banksy stamps and a Whimsical Cyclops.  Go check out the blogpost to see how I have made it. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day. 


Art Journal: Perspective of time - VLVS!

Hey everyone, it's been a while I shared something on the blog. Life has been super busy. Finally had some time to art journal again and made the above spread for a VLVS! blogpost. Head on over to see how I made it and what I used. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend. 


StencilGirl DT - Squared off blog hop!

Hello and welcome! 
You have arrived at the StencilGirl® Creative Team’s Squared-Off Swap Hop.
Hey all, today over at StencilGirl® Talk we have a bloghop going on in which we at the creative team swapped a bunch of square collaged stenciled pieces which we then corporate in an art piece ourselves. I received squares from my  team mates Slivia, Debi, Katie and Sunila & Aditti. And I have made an art journal page where I used the squared pieces and cut out the fantasy animals from this stencil Figments of Imagination by Carolyn Dube against the backdrop of this gorgeous scenery stencil by Mountain Landscape by Andrew Borloz. The sentiment "believe you can & find magic" is made with the Uplifting words stencil by Carolyn Dube.

It was really fun to have to come up with something with the materials that I have received from my fellow team mates, via our super CT coordinator Carol. Have a look at our blog to see what the others in our team came up with an comment on each blog to be entered in the giveaway prize.

Dots2Lines, Aditi & Sunila Mahajan

Natalie May

Trena Brannon

Sandee Setliff

Kristin Peterson

Tina Walker

Claudia Neubacher

Katie Lamb

Jill McDowell

Kristin Williams

Debi Adams

Silvia Souza

Cheetarah Cheda

Louise Nelson

The more blogs you comment on the more chances you have a chance to win one of four $25 gift certificates for stencils from StencilGirl® Products. Comment by May 3, 2019. Winner notified by email May 6th on StencilGirl Talk.

Have an awesome weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!