30 days of Micro Journaling - that's a wrap!

If you have been following me on Facebook & Instagram this past month, you undoubtedly seen my micro journal art spreads which I have shared for 30 days straight. It was a super fun challenge to do and I'm amazed that I actually managed to keep it up! The support I received on both platforms was also very encouraging and it really surprised me that so many were interested in micro journaling them selves that I've made a Facebook group where we currently have 300 members in the past weeks already! Really just AMAZING to see all the enthusiastic responses and how people got inspired to take up this journey as well :) 

Today I wanted to share this collage of all 30 works together and a link to the playlist on Facebook where you can see all the video's I've made the past month and flip through's as well. Eventually they are all going to be on my YouTube Channel also.

collage 30 days
Days 1 - 9

collage 30 days
Days 10 - 18

collage 30 days
Days 19 - 27

30 days micro art completed
Days 28 - 30 and the Matchbox with the little books in them 

It's also interesting how my nail polish colors switched up this month too, haha :D I've been asked a lot of the following questions during the challenge and I thought it would be good to have a FAQ section here as well, just as a reference.

What is the size of your mini notebook? 
The size of these books are 4.4 cm (1.73 inch) by 4.1 cm (1.61 inch) which is the official traveler's 10th anniversary notebook size. The cover is 4.7 x3.2 cm (1.85 x1.26inch) closed. More info on the official TN can be found HERE  

Where do you get them? 
I received mine from a friend. There are a few available on amazon and other shops, just google 10th edition midori traveler's notebook. There are people making their own as well. 

Have you made your own inserts? 
Yes I have! I have used 90lbs/grams watercolor paper for this and stapled them together. I also rounded the corners with a paper punch. The best thing to do is have a template from cardboard ready so if you need to make new inserts you just cut along your template. There is a video about it HERE 

What are those sheets you use for coloring?
Daniel Smith watercolor dot sheets which I have cut up in 9 segments to easily put in a pocket holder. On my Facebook I have made a separate post about it. 

Which paint brushes do you use and what are their sizes? 
Usually I use the Winsor and Newton Value watercolor brushes variation of sizes from 1-0-0/2

Now that the challenge is over will continue to keep making mini art journal pages? 
At the moment I'll be taking a little break from it, and I might just do a few pages here and there but not a full 30 days challenge again. It's good to step away from things and see how it impacted you and grow from it, see how you want to continue. 

Will you host a monthly challenge?
No, I will not. This challenge was also not hosted by me but by AkayWrites on Instagram in association with CafeAnalog. They came up with the challenge and prompts for this month. Though I tried to adhere to the prompts in the beginning I found out that I prefer to work freestyle and just see where the creativity takes me. So I abandoned the prompts and did whatever I felt like. It's much more freeing to work this way, at least for me. So hosting a challenge with daily prompts is also not something I would be comfortable with as of yet. 

But how can I start with micro journaling myself? 
The answer to this is fairly simple:  you just take a micro journal, and you start. Just do it, don't think about it too much and see where it takes you. If you want to share your journey with me and others, you are welcome to join the Micro Art Journal group I have set up on facebook, where we encourage each other and share our progress. 

Hope to see you there :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have an amazing weekend!


What was old is new again - StencilGirl®

Hi all, excited to share my post over at StencilGirl® Talk this month where I have a special make over project to share with you. The segment is "what was old is new again" and I've found an old notebook cover which I've jazzed up using wonderful Stencils by StencilGirl® products. 

Please visit my post to see the process video and more close up pics, also from inside the cover. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have an awesome day!


Art Journal: Kindness - Craft Stamper Challenge August 2018

Art Journal live each day with kindness

It's the first friday of the month and that means the challenge over at Craft Stamper Take it Make it blog is live. This month you can win some fun Alcohol Lift products and a winners profile post. So share your creations by linking up your projects made with a rubber stamped element. 

I'm sharing this art journal page as inspiration. I made it with StencilGirl® Diamond dance stencil, paper artsy paints, carabelle studio & indigo blue stamps and vintage magazine images. A reminder to live everyday with kindness. 

Also sharing this with my art journaling friends over at Art Journal Journey, with the theme "count your blessings" and every day is a blessing therefore living with kindness and gratitude is so very important to me. Thanks for another inspiring monthly theme Elizabeth (bluebeard) and Susi! xo

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!


WCW: Micro Art Journaling with Mini Traveler's Notebook

Deskshot 01082018

The state of my desk this morning - after finishing day 1 of the new challenge I am taking part in, which is #30dayswithminiTN hosted by Cafe Analog and Akay Writes on Instagram :) There is a list of prompts which you may or may not use. It just really tickled me to practice my watercoloring routine on a very small scale. The size of the 10th anniversary traveler's notebook mini journal is under 1 inch, 4,6x3.7cm . So you see here one of the Tins that I kept with Watercolors, I am using now for this challenge. The watercolor dots by Daniel Smith are just fantastic to use for this project! Everything fits in a pocket or a small purse so I'll be going on field trips with this as well :) 

 I also made the water color notebook inserts myself. Crazy, right? But super fun and I'm so curious to see where this challenge will take me artistically :)

I've shared the fist page on my instagram
Day one mini TN journal

And the tutorial of the spread you can see below

My goal is to keep posting these mini daily watercolor tutorials/process videos on my Facebook page for 30 days of august... and if this inspired you to join the challenge, please do join in the fun :) 

Sharing the desk shot over at my friends at WOYWW478 (Julia's awesome blog) this week. And let me know what you think of this whole concept of micro journaling :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have an awesome day!