Querkles Coloring Adventures!

So another great activity book by Thomas Pavitte has been released over the summer and since I really enjoyed his 1000 dots activity books which I got last summer, I was pretty excited about this one!
It's a coloring book and it's based on 'paint by numbers' but more intricate. And it's called Querkles. I got the masterpieces book from the bookdepository.com and could not wait to get started.

I decided that it would be a great way to use up some of my fountain pen ink samples to color the pages with. I still have a lot from my past inkdrop subscription from the goulet pen company and from swaps with pen pals.

The first page is King Tut and thought a nice selection of browns would do the trick. I selected the colors from darkest (layer one) to lightest (layer 5).

King Tut coloring process
The set up and see all the overlapping circles!

King Tut coloring process
Layer one is done with Noodler's burma road brown

King Tut coloring process
Layer two is done with Toucan Umber

King Tut coloring process
Layer 3 is done with Pelikan Brown

King Tut coloring process
Layer 4 is done with Noodler's Polar brown
The face becomes a lot more visible here which was a fun thing to discover.

King Tut coloring process
The final layer is done with Noodler's Golden brown.
I was pretty impressed by this 'puzzle' and uncovering the whole picture by coloring it is awesome.

Though something bothered me (because I am OCD and nit picky maybe ;) and that is that not all circles were numbered and therefore not everything needed to be colored in. But I felt like experimenting further and distilled the Noodler's golden brown to a golden yellow color and colored in the remainder of the circles.

Which resulted in this:
In the end I could not resist coloring the unnumbered circles...
You can see a bit of blending with the other inks but I think that gives it a more interesting effect. 

Close up shot of the finished piece of the mask of Tutankhamon.
A close up

I am very pleased with the end result :) 
You can see the whole coloring process here.

My findings are that the paper in this book, like with the 1000 dots activity book, is very fountain pen ink friendly! There is no bleed through or ghosting and doesn't warp as much when using wet inks! 
So definitely a great experience to color with fountain pen inks in this book and am already excited to pick the colors for the next one in line.

If you like coloring and want something different than the coloring books that are already out there, definitely pick up a querkles coloring book :)

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Back from a well earned vacation :)

It's been a bit quiet on my blog the past 3 weeks in which I had a blissful vacay from the business of city-life and surrounded myself with the green of Sweden's forests and rolling hills. We go there every year now since 2008 and every year it's still breathtakingly beautiful. Also I think I fall in love with Stockholm a little more each year...

An impression of the sights this year:

Good morning! Clear blue skies signals a beautiful day ahead :)
view from the back yard at the summer stuga

Crossing lakes and rivers and getting deeper into this beautiful country. #sweden #traveller #travelling #clouds #sky #nature
Drottingholm #stockholm #sweden
a trip to Drottingholm by boat

Oh yes, we had some berry good pie yesterday. Blueberry cheesecake made by my MIL and berries from the nearby forrest. Someone is a happy little Björn. #cheesecake #blueberry #rilakkuma #dessert
berry picking and cheesecake making with our little bear

Will miss the beautiful surroundings of rural Sweden a lot... #sweden #nature #forest #rilakkuma #traveller
long walks in the forests

I also have been thrifting again at auktions and loppis stores and antique markets. Can't wait to show you my finds on my thriftfinds thursday section :) 

Hope you all had a great summer holiday too! 



stamp carving workshop

stamp carving class, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.

The 5th edition of the stamp carving workshop I taught at Shop Elle Aime on May 13th (mother's day) was another great success & super fun :)
 everyone went home with a nice hand carved stamp.
Thanks for joining in and the 'Gezelligheid' everyone :)