Monthly Planning MTN: May 2016 overview (and some hand lettering)

MTN may 2016
The quote "A fearless heart is a brave heart" is from Thupten Jinpa and was uttered at his book reading in the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam last month.  And that actually set the theme, for the month of May was filled with compassion, a few sunny days at the beach and I attempted to see things in another way. With this months' lay out I kept things simple but I actually forgot to take pictures of the process of this month, though I do have a shot of all the materials I used.

MTN may 2016
The color scheme of the layout is blue, pink and purple., the colors I used most this month. I used the 365 stamps from sakuralala, memento dew drops, tombow markers, faux postage stamp rubber stamps and a few fountain pens: parker 45 blue with Private Reserve Daphne blue, Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 with Sailir Kingdom Note Pasanius Versicolor (I wrote most of the page with that pen) and the delta dolce vita undersize with a custom orange mix.

Looking at the layout and my activities in My, I see that I forgot to blog about my hand lettering workshop I did at Lola Luid.
Lola Luid handlettering workshop
A fun fact: the location is situated at my old high school, the Mondriaan Lyceum. The old school building is now being housed by various artistic people selling their wares, or just using the space (class room) as their work space. So fun! A lot more fun then when I went to school there for sure! Some more fun pictures of that day:

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
The entrance of the old school building. So much green, I like it!

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
Entrance hall with a lunch/open work space location.

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
Map of all the classrooms and people/small companies in them.

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
Some fun drawings on a wall in a class room.

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
There was a flea market going on in the hallways when I was there. This saturday the 18th there is going to be another edition.

Lola Luid handlettering workshop
The workshop was given by Handletters.nl and it was held in my old physics class room :)

Results of the grocery list hand lettering of the workshop attendees. Mine is the third one from the top, seen from left to right.

What I did today: followed a super fun #handlettering workshhop by @handletters.nl at my old highschool 😁 It's now a pop up Store and creative workspace @lolaluid :)
And while it was a tad bit weird being in class in my old high school again, it definitely was a super fun day :)

I've done some more hand lettering this month (June) and I will write about that in another post (before the month is over, hopefully). 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



  1. Wish I could hand letter like that !
    Corrie x

    1. There are a lot of workshops out there corrie, sign up for one and just have fun :) xoxo


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