My work in flow magazine

my work in flow magazine, originally uploaded by Miss Thundercat.
A wonderful surprise awaited me when I opened the mailbox yesterday! My work got featured in one of my fave Dutch magazines FLOW!!! :)

Click on the picture to know more about the story :)


A Knitted Rilakkuma Hat

A friend of mine commented that I should blog more as it's fun :) I'm trying to get into swing of the blogging thing again, So I'll try to blog more frequently with things I'd like to share with you all :) Also a warm welcome to my new followers via Swap-Bot. Glad you all could make it over here and I hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

This cute Rilakkuma Hat was made for me by my friend Lily, aka Little Emma K on flickr. She got inspired my the travels of the Little bear, as we went to NYC this past June, and made this hat for me :) What a wonderful gesture from someone I just met online :) Her knitted wares are just adorable definitely check out her shop. I'm so inlove with this hat! It's definitely going to be handy in our next travels to Sweden where it be undoubtedly rainy! And it's a good camouflage to hide in the forest, not?

For this kind Rak (=random act of kindness) of hers I've made a little RAK for her in return, this rilakkuma stamp with him wearing the hat :) And I'm glad that it was well received :)


Stamp Carving - a Greater Challenge

I was struggling with a decision about a stamp I really wanted to carve, but was too intimidated by the design to give it a try. Well a while back I just sat down and just went for it and I wanted to share the result with you here.

First it took me a while to get it started, with sizing the design and tracing with tracing paper and pencil then transferring the image on to the carving block, as you can see on the picture here

The swirls were complicated but I managed to get through them, with a lot more patience than I thought I had ;) After 3 hours the result is this

and I'm pretty happy with the result :) I've decided to stamp her on items I'll be selling on my etsy.
I was looking for a phone slip for my Samsung Galaxy S and the sleeves for Iphone are just a little too small so I made one for myself and offer one up at my etsy and will make more in different colors soon. I love how the print looks on the faux leather fabric :)


the art of letter writing...

I started writing letters when I was 13 years old. Over the years I had over a 100 different pen pals from 30+ different countries. There was nothing more exciting then to receive a long letter from a friend from overseas. I kept on writing letters until well in my mid to late 20s and then I just abruptly stopped. I couldn't find the time anymore, to sit down a write a 'proper' letter. And with the digital era making it easier to connect with friends through Facebook, twitter, flickr, messenger and what not, writing a letter seemed redundant... but recently I've really stared to miss it.