Pens and Ink: Franklin Christoph M65 with Organics Studio Jane Austen Violet

FC 65 with Jane Austen Violet

Recently I had the chance to purchase this gorgeous pen, a Franklin Christoph model 65 in a unique "tiffany stained glass" finish. It was only available at a penshow in the USA and I got lucky to be the one that snagged it off the seller at IG! The nib is a B stubbed nib by Masuyama and just writes like a dream!
I got a lot of other fun suggestions for an ink match up on my video, showing off the sparkle of the pen:

But eventually I chose for this match up:
FC 65 with Jane Austen Violet
FC 65 with Jane Austen Violet
There are a lot of beautiful colors on this "stained glass" pen body material and I decided to pick an ink that matched the violet accents the most. I chose to pair it with Organics Studio Jane Austen Violet. It's a beautiful color between purple and pink and I think it suits the pens rather nicely.

ink comparison
A comparison of OS Jane Austen Violet to OS Lithium Burgundy and Noodler's Black Swan in Australian roses. It's definitely a lot more lilac in swatches and ink washes, but in the FC pen with writing it's a bit more towards the lithium burgundy. These inks are handmade and I have mine for a while, so the color might be a bit different from bottle to bottle. 

FC 65 with Jane Austen Violet
By the way, I am loving my new Huawei P9 phone with the Leica camera :)

I also did a ink wash art work with the ink and found a fitting quote that fits the "mood" of this ink:
lovelorn ink wash
In true Jane Austen fashion: "no love, for the lovelorn" The rubber stamp is from Oxford Impressions. Ink washes are so fun to make! I used the same embossing resist techniques as with the Nickel Teal and Caroube de Cyphre. I do hope that this lady does have a happy end in love at some point... If you are into this color, you'll be happy to know that this ink is also in the new release. Seems like a few retailers are finally getting batches of OS inks in :)
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That is definitely a great line up of inks! At this moment the inks are available at Vanness pens and Anderson pens :) 

Oh and if you want to watch a fun, set in a Jane Austen land kind of movie, watch Austenland. I just loved it (and it's with Felicity!!)

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