Art Journal: The 8th Chakra

The 8th chakra - completed

This Art Journal page emerged organically from an intuitive art session. And while creating it I also had no idea that the 8th chakra was actually a thing but doing some research after I created this page, apparently it is something I have been working on the past 3 years without realizing I was doing so.
 I played with different materials to explore a resist technique and then wanted to use the symbol 8 from a stencil and add a face to it and she just naturally came into being. Truly amazing!

See more of the process ...


Mixed Media background panel - technique video

Recently I found some of my older recordings and this is one where I encountered a few difficulties but still went on and there are some fun techniques that I explored.
If you have an old jar of granular gel and it is all dried up and wonder how you can save it, if you wonder what scribble sticks and neocolor would look like opposite each other on a mixed media textured piece and if you want to see how you can use your left over scraps in a different way - be sure to take a look :)

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WCW: The Little Mermaid - Jane Davenport Glitz Sea Palette

WCW: Little mermaid

I have been a lot of fun using my watercolors from Jane Davenport which I bought at a Michaels in Canada on my vacation there in May. The sets are of such a great quality and it's the glitz sea set I bought there. Great colors for watery landscapes and my first try out was to color the mermaid (which is a stamp by sweet pea designs) and make the background into an ocean scene.

WCW: Little mermaid

A little process shot of when I colored her and was sketching in the background. Those wee little brushes are amazing for details in her hair.

WCW: Little mermaid

Here you can see the swatches in my swatch book and the larger pans you see and I filled with Daniel Smith interference paints. When you tilt the page at an angle you can see the color shifts in her hair and tail. 

And you may have seen my little watercoloring hyperlapse video's on my Facebook Page or Instagram on IGTV - if you are following me there, but I've also compiled a playlist on my YouTube Channel and add the recent process video's there too to have it all on one place. I might do another mermaid one with a process video later this week too. 

Have you tried this set or any other Jane Davenport sets? If so let me know what you think of it!

Sharing my desk shots with my friends over at Julia's WOYWW#477 this week. I'm so glad the weather is cooling off a little bit here and hoping for a little bit of rain so the succulents and poor wild life animals have some relief! 

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WCW: Mermaid Hair practice (with video tutorial)

Mermaid Hair with Jane Davenport products

Its been a little quiet on my blog, I know. Summer is here, and with the wonderful weather, I rather be outside than inside on my days off. So it means less PC time = not many blog posts. I am sorry about that, though if you are curious what I am making be sure to check out my Instagram page as I share there almost daily. Mostly they are watercolor related as I've decided to practice my watercolor techniques in my moleskine pocket book for world watercolor month. 

Mermaid Hair with Jane Davenport products
Here I used Jane Davenport face stamp and Glitz Sea watercolors (with added in colors from the neutrals set) and Pilot Parallel pens filled with Rohrer and Klingner Sketch ink. 

Also instagram came out with a new feature, like last month (yeah I'm always so slow with updates on phone apps) which is called IGTV and I just decided, you know what, let's jump right in! So I've added some video tutorials there, one specifically shot  vertically for IGTV (they only accept vertical video's) and then altered for my YT channel.

So I'll be linking the YT version below, but since the angle is different, if you prefer the original IGTV vertical angle, you can watch it HERE

If you have watch the process video, I'm curious because I kinda like the angle of the IGTV better for this type of tutorial. The lager art journals definitely have to be shot from a birds eye view to get everything in the film. So I'm still figuring out if I should upload to both channels (means extra work!) or just choose the right type of video host and then just link. You can't embed the video link from IGTV yet, so watching directly from the blog is also difficult. So there are pro's and cons for both formats... 

Oh so many new things to try out! Have you tried out IGTV for your tutorials? If so let me know what you think :) 

Linking this to Art Journal Journey - Art for Art's sake July theme - great theme and art can be always a practice to get better at certain skills, right? Messing around with new materials and see what you can create with them, is also just part of the fun :)

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Craft Stamper TIMI - July Challenge (believe your best state of mind)

Believe your best state of mind

The title says it, today I am sharing some challenge inspiration for this month's challenge over at the Craft Stamper blog. I've made a mixed media card with lots of mediums, paints and layers. The stamps I used are from AALL and Create. In this piece I made the lines chaotic and blurry, but with bright and hopeful colors. And there is a story behind the sentiment too.

Believe your best state of mind
The sentiment was inspired by a story one of our CSTIMI DT members shared about her depression and how difficult it can be to get out of it. And it's something I personally am also familiar with as in the past I also had depressions and in the thick of it, it's really hard to imagine that there are going to be better days. But somehow I broke through it and it's not easy, but what helps is having a different mind set and be more loving and kind towards yourself. For me personally things turned around when I started my mindfulness practice nearly 12 years ago. There are so many stages to break through, to accept, to embrace and to let go. Super hard stuff to go through, but once you start believing in your best state of mind, the voices that tell you all the these stories that make you feel less than yourself, will eventually loose their power over you. I thank our DT member for sharing her story and for reaching out. This is really important to do, so you know you are not alone and can create a supportive network. And with this I hope to give some comfort and support to those whom are struggling with depression as well. Always believe your best state of mind.

Believe your best state of mind

I hope this inspired you to create along with us this month at Craft Stamper and be sure to link up your projects to be in it to win some great prizes and the winner gets a feature on the magazine and blog. 

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