Pens and Ink: Swan Green Marble with Diamine Safari

Swan Jade marble with Diamine Safari

When I saw this gorgeous pen on Sarj's table at the Tilburg Penshow a few weekends ago, I knew this one had to go home with me. Well, basically I wanted all the pens he had to go home with me but alas, due to budgets I had to make some tough choices ... and this one definitely made the cut!

Tilburg Penshow Spoils
It's a vintage Mabie Todd Swan Green marbled bodied self filler (ca. 1940-1945) with a stellar 14C gold Fine Flexible nib! It writes absolutely amazing! I've chosen to pair it with Diamine Safari It's a beautiful moss green which, I think, highlights the pen body really well.

Swan Jade marble with Diamine Safari
I have written a page in my loving kindness metta meditation journal with it (it's now the Rhodiarama softcover dot grid A5 notebook I got in the Spotlight Stationery July box) and this is a really amazing match! The ink does make the pen body shine, but the flex nib also makes the ink look really good! Under the right light you can even see a bit of golden sheen. I am very happy this pen got to go home with me, because it also made me appreciate this ink a lot more!

For some awesome reviews on Diamine 150th anniversary Safari ink; see Gourmetpens' review and some beautiful HD inkshots at The Clumsy Penman

 What pen and ink combo made you appreciate an ink more?

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