New Beginnings

Hello there! It has been a while, a good long while, since I have been on here. What can I say other than life happened and I didn't find the time to blog. Some of the major changes that happened in the past 2 years; I got married and have been working 2 jobs (hence the lack of blogging time).
 But I have missed it, you guys. So with a fresh new look and hopeful spirits I am going to start it up again and see how it goes (feel like a newbie blogger all over again, finding the right links, edits etc...) Anyways, thanks for those who have stuck around all this time. I still have posted pictures on my flickr regularly and also on my instagram. That has been my fave hang out these past years. Would love to connect with you all there as well.

Spring has been in the air here in NL and it is wonderful to be walking out in the sunshine (though a bit tough with chilly wind that accompanies it). I bought a small vase at the Flying Tiger not too long ago and it has seven slots. My plan is to fill these small vases with wildflowers I come across on my walks. This is such a colorful and happy sight and lifts my spirits every time I see it on my window-sill. Tomorrow a new month begins and I hope you all have a great beginning of Spring.