Shopping Highlight: Kowalski and Gotham Comics in Valencia

This March we've been to Valencia for a week and I wanted to share some highlights with you of shops and places I loved. A note to start off: Valencia is a wonderful and relaxed city, but be aware that the Falles festivities (including ear deafening fireworks!) start from the beginning of March and end on the 19th. While we loved seeing all the wonderful Falles works every neighborhood made, the fireworks was not something I particularly enjoyed. It wasn't a 4th of july, or NYE sparkle show either, it was more a bombardment of firecrackers which were LOUD and SCARY. Honestly, we felt terrified and wished we booked a week later! Never the less, it was a beautiful city, was amazing to see all the Fallas works and definitely an experience to have been there during that time. 

Let's start with one of my fave aria's in the city and that is Russafa (or Ruzafa) which is a popular aria among young creatives. There are several streets on which you can find some amazing fun stores and in the Carrier DĂ©nia on number 20 you will find Kowalski; Cusas Bellas Artes ATC. It's a gallery/arts supply/ vintage/books and shoes store. Now, that is putting the ETC. to work! Eclectic assortment in a small space and definitely worth the visit! 

Kowalski art supplies in Valencia
Storefront during night fall. I love that the shops are open until late :)

Kowalski art supplies in Valencia
This friendly lady gives you a warm welcome at the door. Kowalski art supplies in Valencia 

The store is packed full with art supplies, art work for sale, shoes, books and vintage items.

Kowalski art supplies in Valencia
So much to see in such a small place! I could have spent days there and yes I did return there 3 times, much to the owner's amusement and delight :)

They also had a whole array of sennelier watercolor tubes and acrylics Kowalski art supplies in Valencia
And I found a great watercolor set my lovely husband gave to me for my birthday (I was in the store on my birthday actually a month ago now and it was like being a kid in a candy store!)

On my desk last night, making my own pocket watercolor set by reusing a Koi watercolor sketch set and filling it with Sennelier artist grade water colors. Got the Sennelier set from my hubs @cornelius.grayl as a present :) The koi colors were not my thing
I put the paints in a Koi pocket watercolor travel set of which I took the pans out. I wasn't enjoying those at all so it was time to upgrade! I am loving these sennelier paints very much!

Back to Valencia in Ruzafa, Gotham Comics was also definitely worth the visit since they are the only comic show we encountered which sold comics in English as well! That was the reason my husband went to the store, me... well I found a different reason...

Gotham Comics Valencia has the best shop cat around
and his name is Sami. And he is a sweetheart!

Gotham Comics Valencia has the best shop cat around
This cute black cat greets everyone at the door with a friendly miauw and he certainly stole my heart! 
Gotham Comics Valencia has the best shop cat around
He came for pets and snuggles every time we visited!

Gotham Comics Valencia has the best shop cat around
His owner wasn't too amused Sami kept bothering us while shopping so he was told off, but we know he was just making sure we felt welcome in the store :)

This cute cat was the boss at #gothamcomicsvalencia Great to have met you Sami đź’• #valencia #comic #comics #catsofinstagram #kittycat #blackcat #gato
Thanks Sami for helping me through Cat-withdrawal symptoms while in Valencia!

When you're in the aria have a drink at CafĂ© Berlin, and see here for more shopping tips in the aria. GNOMO is an awesome store with hand made items and illustrations as well.  

Next week I'll share some of my fave stationery stores in Valencia. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Easter weekend!

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