Paper goods: Papelote Notebook Cover & Clairefointaine 1951 vintage notebook

It's wonderful "journaling on the beach" weather! Papelote notebook cover from @bureaudirect is super handy!  #bureaudirect #stationeryaddict #stationerywednesday #journaling #journalonthego #papelote #notebookcover #brushpens #artjournal #lovingkindness
It was a beautiful day out and we decided to make good use of it and go to the beach. The perfect opportunity to test out the great Papelote A5 Notebook Cover outdoors! This notebook cover, together with the Clairefontaine 1951 retro cloth bound notebook was so kindly sent to me by Mishka from Bureau Direct for review purposes! Thank you so much Mishka!!

Journaling on the go

The papelote notebook cover is made with soft cotton cloth and comes in various designs. I was sent the red and white striped with blue inseam cover. A lovely combination! The cover has an elastic strap attached to it, which can hold 5 writing utensils. It comes with a pencil to get you started. You can see the array of items I've chosen to carry with it; a few fine Steadtler fine liners, a faber castell brush marker, sakura gelly roll pen and a water brush pen. The size I have here is the A5 size, which can fit any A5 size notebooks like the Leuchtturm 1917 and Rhodia notebooks. I chose the Clairefontaine 1951 vintage style notebooks, because of the fact it has fountain pen friendly paper and well just look at it.

Clairefontaine retro 1951 notebooks
It's pretty and it's turquoise! They come in 3 different sizes, the pocket sizeA5 exercise and A5 clothbound books. I got to test them all and they fit in very nicely in the notebook cover.  

Starting off the day with a little writing in my journal. Papelote notebook cover and claire fontaine retro notebooks from @bureaudirect #dailywriting #journal #papelote #clairefontaine #bureaudirect #writing #mindfulwriting #gratitutejournal #stationerya
 Also I used some fun journal rubber stamps to categorize my notebooks :) 

A fun turquoise set: clairefontaine vintage 1951 pocket book, J. Herbin rollerball with Blue Pervence ink cartridges. Thanks @bureaudirect @mishka5050 😊
Fun fact, Bureau Direct also offers the pocket books in a fun compilation with the J. Herbin rollerball pen and ink cartridges. The turquoise set comes with J. Herbin Bleu Pervence turquoise ink cartridges. They also have the bottled ink here. A scrumptious set for a turquoise fanatic like me :D

Anyhow, back to the notebook cover! You can carry a lot of tools inside the cover besides just the notebook due to the flexibility of the soft cotton cloth cover!

Journaling on the go
Look at that! Doesn't that look scrumptious?? Yes, the brownie was really yummy as well ;) So what did I take with me in my notebook cover? Take a look below:

Journaling on the go
I tucked in a pack of water color pencils, a pocket size coloring book, the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac (see my pens and ink post about it here), a pocket sketchbook and...

Did you know you can also tuck in an A5 clipholder in the back of the papelote notebook cover?! It gives more "body" to the cover and you can just sit anywhere and write :) you can get all the items pictured at @bureaudirect for your own "on the go" journ
An A5 Clipboard! The cover has a seem opening on the back where you can tuck this baby in! I found this discovery brilliant as you can add sturdiness to the cover which allows you to sit down anywhere and write, draw, color or whatever on the go! I already had this one, but Bureau Direct are selling these clipboards by Penco as well. So what do I use my clairefontaine journal for? I use it as my Daily Gratitude and Loving Kindness journal. You have seen shots of the pages in my Pens and Ink post, surely. Every morning (or at least I try to) I write down the loving kindness meditation to set the tone for Compassion for the day. I will write another post about this type of journaling at a later point, but let me show you a page as a reminder.

Starting off the morning with some #lovingkindness #mettameditation #writtenmeditation Tools of choice: FP: Online Calligraphy 1.8m Ink: visconti turquoise cartridge Paper: Clairefontaine - #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #calligraphy #shittycalligraphy
As I said before, the paper in clairefontaine books hold fountain pen inks really well. It's definitely one of my preferred notebooks for journalling as I love the line spacing (7mm) for my handwriting and the smoothness of the paper lets the nibs just glide over the paper. 

In conclusion: The combination of the Papelote Notebook Cover with these Clairefontaine 1951 notebooks is a wonderful thing! I thoroughly enjoyed using cover. A major plus point being the flexibility of it. Also a great thing about the fact that it's a cloth cover is that you can wash them quite easily if you spill any (non permanent) ink on it! The straps are mighty handy too! It works best if you have something sturdy in the cover like a clipboard or a hard cover notebook, though. If you are looking for only the notebook straps, Papelote also makes them separately which Bureau Direct also sells. Those work best on hard cover notebooks. 

Thanks again Mishka/ Bureau Direct, I've really improved on my daily writing sessions by having such a wonderful set up for it :) By the way, if you're looking into journalling yourself, and looking for something that might work for you, why don't you check out Stationery Wednesday as this month's spotlight falls on  the Bullet Journal. And while you're there, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already. Next to fun news, specials and competitions, it also contains a weekly discount code for 10% off your purchase at Bureau Direct shop! That's not something you'd want to miss out on!

Hopefully this review was useful to you and inspired you to go out and journal in the wide open :) 
Thanks for stopping by & have a great sunday!


(disclaimer: I got these items free of charge for review purposes and was not monetarily compensated. All opinions stated here are my own and there are no affiliate links.) 

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