Pens and ink: Lamy Dark Lilac vs Violet

Journaling on the go

It's something we've all been waiting for and it's finally here, the special edition Lamy Safari this year is purple! Thanks for hearing our requests Lamy!! It's called the Dark Lilac and it's a gorgeous shade of dark purple. What I love most about the pen is comes with the dark clip and nib. Tt's also textured like the Lamy safari Charcoal which I really like!! (Andyes the charcoal usually also has a black clip, but my husband took this for experimentation and switched the clips to the silver colored one.) 

Texture of Lamy Dark Lilac #lamycollection #lamy #lamysafari #lamydarklilac #pensandpolish #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpen #funtainpen #koh  #nailpolish #texture #purple
You can see the texture up close here (and yes I matched my nail polish to it as well ;) See my instagram account PensandPolish for more pen and nail polish matching :)

Another icon turned legend. RIP Purple Prince #purplerain #ripprince #lamydarklilac #lamyviolet #tribute #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #lamycollection #Lamy #funtainpen #fountainpen #purple #lyrics #rain

The Dark Lilac came with a corresponding ink color. It's been a sad year already with great artists passing away and recently Prince passed away too :( The tribute above is dedicated to him and I cannot look at this pen without thinking about the song Purple Rain. I also compared the Dark Lilac color with the Lamy Violet above, but the medium nib on my Lamy made the ink look really dark. So I did a writing sample of both inks with a 1,5m nib (took mine from the Lamy Joy calligraphy set, but you can also get them separately).

Journaling on the go

Wrote a few pages in my loving kindness metta meditation journal and you can clearly see the difference here. The Dark Lilac is definitely a lot darker than the violet and has more shading and sheen to it. Sadly there are no ink bottles of the Dark Lilac available in Europe (yet) so I can't do an ink swab comparison. Hopefully they will release the bottle in Europe at some point! But see a great inkshot review of Dark Lilac by Gourmetpens. And other great comparison reviews of Lamy Violet and Lamy Dark Lilac by the Clumsy Penman, the master "ink-fusionist" :)

Journaling on the go
As you can see I have been writing with them quite a bit, the cartridges are 1/2 empty (writing with a wide nib width also helps ;) An interesting fact you can see here on the right, the violet color clings more to the cartridge than the dark lilac. When you clean out and recycle a cartridge, it does clean out completely, but in use, it never becomes clear like the Dark Lilac on the left does. 

And with this little fun tidbit, I'm concluding this week's pens and ink :) Do you have a Lamy Dark Lilac? If so what do you think of it? If not, I got mine at the Penstore which has a great deal on it! You can also get separate nib units there, if you want them (no affiliation, I just like shopping there!). 

Next week more on Omas! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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