Mailart Monday - Ideas create the story, ART makes it visible

Mail art panel composition

As you might know I like to collect and keep a lot of paper things in my "junk paper boxes" because of the "you never know" feeling. You know, that feeling that every piece is valuable, because that little scrap of paper would be perfect for the over all image for the idea you have for your mailart? That feeling causes me to be a hoarder and is creating space issues! Anyhow, that is a story for another time. 
On my cramped desks pace I have managed to make large collage panel pieces with random images like the one you see above. For this piece, I used a lot of my test papers as the back ground and added more scraps and bits to the collage. 
When I was satisfied with the collage element, I cut this huge panel piece into 3 postcard mail-able size pieces and worked on them individually.  I then added more color with rub on metallic pearls, rubber stamped images and some stencils prints to the layers. 

Mail Art 018-2016
Finished close up piece on the far right: the blue haired girl is a drawing by Tara McPherson [sometimes I just want a hug] which is also in her coloring book. I made a stamp of with my Teresa Collins Stamp maker (still working on a review for that!) I also made that alphabet rubber stamp set myself with the machine. Every other stamped image on this piece and the next ones are from various stamp companies: Paper Artsy Hotpicks moths, Lost Coast Designs ATC background sets, Art Specially "men just Chill" set... I like how all the elements came together and how the Blue Haired girl is unintentionally centered in this piece.

Mail Art 2015-032
Close up of the piece on the bottom: The Michael Jackson Thrilla stamp is hand carved.The city stamp is from Art Specially and Moth Stamp from Paper Artsy. You can see faint imprints from the Succulents Stencil from StencilGirl which are all over the other pieces as well. Wrote "Thrilla night" on it with a sharpie and went over it with a copper colored gel pen. To finish it off I added black smoke metallic rub on to the sides.

Mail Art 019-2016

Close up of the piece on the top: The woman with wings was a test piece for this "Davinci's Muse" work I made for the one layer challenge at Inkadinkadutchies. I used both Lost Coast Designs and Carmen's Veranda stamps. Same other rubber stamped elements are used in this one as well. A more prominent stencil mark of the succulents was used here. What I like most about this piece is the stamp I used from Art Specially "Ideas create the Story, ART makes it visible" which essentially marks my experience with creating. This test piece was a journey to create the idea I had for Davinci's Muse. And in the end all the test pieces are a part of an idea turned into art as well. A nice artsy loop ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative week!



  1. Wow, dit is echt een feestje om te zien! Moet echt een "happy face"geven bij de ontvanger! Groetjes, Gerrina


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