Monthly Planning MTN: April 2016 overview

Before May is nearly over, I should share the overview on April. I honestly did not have much inspiration for this month. To give myself a little push, I decided that I should use limited colors and tools to see what I can create. When I saw this 'handlettering script alphabet' rubber stamp set from Eline's stamp line at pipoos, I knew I had to use it for this month's lay out (yes so I also bought a new supply for this month's lay out to give that "extra" nudge, sometimes you just have to bribe yourself :p).

Midori update april 2016
The stamp set includes number and extra vowels in different shapes, which is not only handy but fun in use. The color scheme I used is yellow to orange (and blood orange/red), due to the Kingsday celebration that took place in this month (orange being the national color). I used the memento drops stamp pad colors you see on the top right. I stamped "april 2016" with a combination of these colors. I really like the look of the numbers on this page and I will definitely use them more in my MTN planning.

Midori update april 2016

Seeing that I do keep track of my weekly activities in my pocket midori, I started with the most memorable moments of the month: the Art Specially weekend, meeting up with Rachel, Travis and their little baby Kenneth from swapbot, the Indiana Jones movie marathon and the kingsday celebration. noted the few birthday's this month, all falling in one week (= a lot of pie in one week!), my mindfulness monthly group meditation and of course PAY DAY( = got myself the case of tombows! I so love that little money bag stamp from Sakuralala's Daily stamp set!)  
So you know I like to hoard boxes with stuff. And so I have a box with random memories paper cut slices and other received cut out items which I decided to break open to add some to this page. I wanted to keep it color coded and spring themed and played with composition a bit here.

Midori update april 2016
So after deciding what items to use, I started filling up the rest of the month adding more tidbits here and there. The movie strip was an excellent find for the movie marathon! Then I totally forgot I didn't add Meesha's 2nd birthday to my overview the first time!! Bad cat mom, tsk, tsk! So that was fixed (even got out my dymo labler for that one and then promptly gave Meesha a treat because I forgot her... shows how new I am with this whole cat mom thing!)

I thought the page needed the word "spring" and I found some metallic red letters I had hoarded in another box and thought that would make a great addition. By the way the fountain pen and ink I used, was only one this time, my Delta Dolcevita undersize with a custom orange mix. It's too pretty not so show that combination, so here it is:

Goodmoring! Another day, another #lovingkindness #writtenmeditation page in my #mindfulness #journal. Tools of choice: FP: Delta Dolcevita Undersize Ink: custom "autumn oak light" mix Paper: clairefontaine - #journaling #mindfulwriting #mettameditation #f
It's a bit Diamine autumn oak-y, but not quite. It's a custom mix because I had little bit of Diamine blaze orange in there, then added a few drops of Pelikan brown, then a drop of Diamine Sunshine yellow and it came out looking like this! I quite love it and hope I can recreate it again!

Midori update april 2016
And this is what the finished page looks like. I'm amazed how it turned out esp. since I had like zero inspiration when I started off. I kept true to the color scheme I set out to use and it gave the page a nice balance. It's really fun to see the months round up in colorful and illustrative form. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little push to get that creative energy flowing and doing these pages remind me of that. Now I'm actually looking forward to do May's round up :)

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


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