Pens and Ink: Lamy 2000 with Organics Studio Posie Pink

So this might be the most unlikely pairing for me up to date as I usually do not like pink colors and the Lamy 2000 was always a bit 'meh' to me. But combining these two together, it's an absolute winner!
Inked my Lamy 2000 up with organics studio Etmily Dickinson Posy Pink. It's such a gorgeous color and I am generally not a Magenta color family fan. Also Organics Studio will be relaunching their inks soon! Huzzah!!
The Lamy 2000 has been said to a "must have" in everyone's fountain pen collection. Sooner or later, you end up owning one. In my case, it was quite a bit later, because I honestly never understood the appeal. And yet I own two of them. Here's how that happened.

I do like the simplicity of the Bauhaus design by Gerd A. Müller, but it was just a tad bit underwhelming for me and wasn't ready to buy it at full price. Then at the Tilburg pen show from a few years ago, I got the chance to purchase a vintage Makrolon one with an OB nib for a nice price, and thus the "staple pen" was then finally added to my collection.
That nib and that ink is an amazing combo. Love the sheen in #iroshizuku #yamabudo 💕
Vintage Lamy 2000 with an OB nib, inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo

While the OB nib was fun to use, it has a very specific "sweet spot" to write with, so I hardly ever use it as I like to hold my pens a certain way to write. I wanted to give writing with the Lamy 2000 a fair chance and once more I bought the Lamy from a fellow fountain pen aficionado who was letting his pen go. It has a fine nib, which writes like medium, that's why he didn't wanted it. But another person's "I hate it" can be someone else's "I love it" (That is a constant debate between my husband and I about EF nibs!)  I actually love this specific nib width in the Lamy, it actually writes broader than most B marked pens I own! Oh and how it writes, that changed everything! So here I learned that looks can be deceiving, the pen might be a tad bit underwhelming, the writing experience isn't! The nib, which is 14k gold, writes super smooth and just glides on paper! It's very true to the designer's vision for this pen:  "When it made its first appearance in the shop windows in 1966, it was the first writing instrument of the modern era which did not seek to be a status symbol but simply an honest, high-precision tool for writing by hand." - from Lamy's website. Which is what Bauhaus is about, the functionality is key.

There are a lot of good Lamy 2000 pen reviews out there, so I'm not going to exhaust you with the specifics about the pen. See for an honest review about pen and nib at the Pen Addict here and he also posted links to other great reviews. My pens and ink posts are about pairings you can fall in love with. And let me tell you, the Lamy 2000 makrolon and Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink is a match made in pen heaven!

lamy 2000 and posie pink

As you must know by now, I'm more of a Turquoise / blue hues loving girl. I hardly ever like pink or magenta colors. Yet there are exceptions like Yama Budo which stole my heart because of the beautiful gold sheen. But OS Posie Pink, is a straight up pink! I fell in love with after I saw it in writing in a letter to me from my friend Nicholas. So when I was in Stockholm a few years ago and saw they had a line of Organics Studio for sale at the Pen Store there, I took a bottle home with me.

Pocket full of posies
The ink has such character, the nib on the Lamy 2000 really shows off the shading!

Before you tell me off that I'm showing you another pairing with a discontinued ink line, let me share some good news. Tyler from Organics Studio has posted an announcement on their website that they will be relaunching the inks this June! I contacted Tyler to ask him which inks will be in the relaunch and this is what he said: "It looks like we will be putting out 8-12 colors at the relaunch, and posie pink will be one of them. We will also be featuring our 4 vintage ink series inks, as well as manganate, cobalt, poe, and a few other surprises :)" Thank you Tyler for sharing which OS inks will be available and it looks like Posie Pink will be up for sale sometime soon again. In celebration of this I made a pocket full of posies :) 
Pocket full of posies
I recently got these fun flower rubber stamps and used Posie Pink on Maruman Zuan water color paper. I splattered a few drops of ink from the lamy onto the page, sprayed it with water from a mini mister, dried with my heat tool and then stamped the flowers with Staz-On Jet black and Cherry Pink. I got out a water brush and got to work on the flower petals. 

Pocket full of posies
I added depth to the flowers by making the petals lighter first and also making the aria around the flowers lighter. This I did by using the waterbrush on the arias I wanted to have lighter and dab the excess water/ink away with a paper towel. Then I added more color to the petals with a few diluted drops of the ink to give more shading.

Pocket full of posies
I retracted ink from the flowers stamped in cherry pink to give the light/dark effect between the flowers more contrast. A tombow blender tool can be used for this too, but you might stain your blender brush with this. I wrote a pocket full of posies with the water brush first and then with a inked dip pen over it. Lastly I spattered the remaining ink on the dip pen over the piece. 

There might be a giveaway of some OS inks on my blog at some later point, so keep an eye out for that. But for now, I hope you are just as excited as I am for these inks to be available again soon :)

With the "pocket full of posies" artwork I'm also entering the Mixed Media Monthly challenge #24 "Butterflies and Blooms"

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!



  1. What a stunning creation! Thanks so much for adding it to our challenge at Mixed Media Monthly!

  2. I love OS inks! I have 3 bottles from when they were going on hiatus, I've been seeing them post on IG and Twitter again, and so glad they are relaunching! :D
    P.S. OS Nickel is my favorite ink ever :)

    1. OS inks are awesome! Nickel Teal is also one of my personal faves and they will be be adding that to the relaunch, yay! :)

  3. beautiful piece! love your handwriting! Thank you so much for playing with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!


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