Inky Goodness: Diamine Shimmering Inks

Shimmering inks: purple pazzazz, golden sands, blue lightning and magical forest. So shiny!! @bureaudirect @mishka5050 #diamine #shimmertastic #shimmeringink #fpgeeks #fountainpenink #FPN #fountainpennetwork
Due to the generosity of Mishka from Bureau Direct, I received a few samples of the new Diamine shimmering inks in samples to try out. And wow, these are really great inks! I had the chance to pick colors I like and I picked the above ones. FYI: all the samples have been written with a vintage Waterman 12 and flexible Ideal #2 nib on Muji dotted notebook paper which is similar to Midori MD paper.

Pazzazz! #diamine #shimmertastic #shimmeringink #purplepazzazz #purple #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpenink @bureaudirect @mishka5050
Purple Pazzazz is a lovely deep violet color with a golden shimmer to it. The ink color reminds me a bit of Montblanc's lavender purple (old formula) that also had a hint of gold sheen to it when the inks pools up. I had a bit of trouble getting this color washed out of the feed of my pen, because the color is so rich and saturated. But eventually it does washes out completely.

This is freaking spectacular! @bureaudirect @mishka5050 #shimmeringink #diamine #shimmertastic #bluelightning #fountainpenink #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork
Blue Lightning is the one I was so excited to try out! Turquoise and a silver shimmer?! Well the ink gods (aka Diamine) have been very good to me with producing this one! I developed an instant crush! I do wonder what base color diamine chose for this though, since it has similarities to Montblanc's Honoré de Balzac Dandy Turquoise... but that one has more red sheen to it.

Golden sands a new shimmering ink by Diamine. This is just SO beautiful! Shading and shimmer. Super nice! @bureaudirect @mishka5050 #diamine #shimmertastic #shimmeringink #goldensands #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork
Golden Sands is definitely the underdog in the line up, but I think this one will appeal to many. It does remind me of beautiful desert in like Dubai or something... Gorgeous golden brown color with a golden shimmer. This ink also shades really well and I love how it looks in italic nibs like I have in my Pelikan M205 congac.

Need some sparkle on this grey saturday, so how about starting a new hashtag #shimmeringsaturday And my current fave combo is the Pelikan M200 Congac with Diamine golden sands. Show me some shimmer #Fpgeeks :)
The shading and shimmer pool together really well.

Wow, this green with a pearly shimmer to it is definitely magical! @bureaudirect @mishka5050 #magicalforest #diamine #shimmertastic #shimmeringink #fpgeeks #fountainpenink #FPN #fountainpennetwork #shimmer #allthatshimmers
Magical forest... I gotta hand it to Diamine, they sure know how to name their inks! This one is very aptly named as well. This was a surprise ink thrown in by Mishka and I was very pleasantly surprised! A gorgeous shade of emerald and the shimmer in there is also green. A very pretty pearly combination. This would look good in my TWSBI Diamond 580 green edition with 1.1 nib... oh yeah!

So I will definitely get some bottles of these and am very curious how the other colors look IRL. If you want to see a more in depth review of these inks, check out Gourmetpens review on these! Also if you are feeling bold, Leigh Reyes has made an excellent post on how to Shimmerfy your own inks!

I have made some mail art with the ink samples I received and in the next Mailart Sunday post, I will show you  how those turned out. 

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