Paper Goods: Maruman Mnemosyne Word Cards

Last week I got ill with a really unpleasant flue type thing and was stuck at home for a good while. So I thought I'd spend my time doing what I like to do best, organizing and cataloging stuff. Yeah it was almost like being at work ;) I wanted to make a better and more comprehensive chart of all the inks I have in samples and bottles. The color chart wheels I made with Le Typographe ticket books are fun, but limited to the set of pages in those booklets. When I heard about the Mnemosyne Word Cards on the Goulet Q and A while back, I knew these would be perfect for what I had in mind.

It's swabbing time! Going to re-swab every ink on the Mnemosyne word cards. #inkswabs #inkswabbing #fountainpenink #fpgeeks #inksampler #FPN #fountainpennetwork #inksamples #colorcoordination #colorcoding
This was my set up: In front of the telly, while watching some Graham Norton episodes on you tube... And then it was swabbing time! 
A colorful mess... remnants of an ink swabbing session #inkswabs #inkygoodness #inks #Fpgeeks #qtips #fpn #fountainpennetwork #fountainpeninks #colorcoordination #inkymess
These maruman wordcards are so good to use for ink swabs! I just discovered them and then to find out they are being discontinued is really sad! #maruman #mnemosyne #wordcards #inkswabs #Fpgeeks #inkygoodness #inkyproblems #inkymess #swabbingtime #FPN #fo

The cards hold up ink really well, great drying time, no bleed through and minimal feathering!
The pen I use in writing samples on swabs. Onoto de La Rue. #inkswabs #inksampler #Fpgeeks #diamine #poppyred #ink #fountainpeninks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #swabbingtime
Q-tips are great for swabs, and I made sure I hit the edges of the cards and used a vintage semi flex pen, by Onoto de La Rue to dip and write the brand and ink name.

100 swabs done and I might be only 1/2 way through... #inkygoodness #inkyproblems #Fpgeeks #maruman #mnemosyne #inkswabbing #FPN #fountainpennetwork #
The booklet has 100 sheets with 156 grams of water color like paper. Because there is no bleed through, you can also opt to use the back of the cards. I will use it to write information on the type of ink on (ie if I have just tried a sample or a bottle) 
And three ink sample trays in, I already filled one of these booklets! I am currently busy with booklet number 2 and the sad news is that I heard these word cards are being discontinued, so I stacked up on them to make sure I can still use them for future swabs.

Hope this gave you some idea's on how to make your own ink swabs.

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