Thriftfinds Thursdays: The Tilburg Penshow edition

My weekend activities were cut a bit short due to feeling under the weather, though I could not miss out on the yearly event that is the Tilburg penshow on saturday. It was the 27th pen show and it's been a bit obscure as it has practically no online presence, but the show was amazing none the less! Met some great pen people and an amazing seller whom has a nick-name of 'the one-man pen show' and I've found some sweet vintage fountain pen beauties there (they also sold a lot of newer fountain pens, but I go to these shows to find some older gems!) My wallet was hurting at the end of it, but it was a great day!

First an impression of the show:
The show was held at the Natuurmuseum in Tilburg. There were two rooms in which the vendors placed their goods for sale and I think there were about 30 vendors in total. We arrived right on time though, but still a lot of pens to look at during these 5 hours the show was open.

Tilburg penshow this year was epic due to a couple of awesome vendors

Epic penstand at #tilburgpenshow2015 from @sarjminhas
A new vendor to the show was Sarj Minhas and honestly there were so many good pens there it took a great portion of my time just staring at them!

And of course @la_couronne_du_comte had their awesome stand at the #tilburgpenshow #tilburgpenshow2015 #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpen
La Couronne du Comte stand looked impeccable as always and they also have their own store front in Tilburg to which we went to after the show ended.

I did not have a list of things I wanted to buy and I figured I would know what I wanted when I see it. And boy I did see a lot of beauties, but I went home with 'only' 3 pens and 1 ink bottle (well technically two as I bought one later at Couronne du Comte...)

And these are the 3 pens:
My #tilburgpenshow spoils Omas Paragon with BB Mottishaw stubbed, Omas Extra Lucens with flexible Omas Extra Stub and Waterman England with 2A Flexible stub. #fpgeeks #fountainpen #tilburgpenshow2015 #fountainpennetwork #FPN
My tilburg penshow spoils Omas Paragon with BB Mottishaw stubbed, Omas Extra Lucens with flexible Omas Extra Stub and Waterman England with 2A Flexible stub.

Writing samples are below:
This is a pen with a nib that is a dream to write with! Thank you @sarjminhas for the excellent recommendation and service at the #tilburgpenshow2015 #tilburgpenshow #stubnibsunday #fountainpen #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #omas @omas_official
I bought this pen at Sarj Minhas's stand for a really good deal! I love stubs and this is just a beauty of an Omas older paragon and fallen in love with it ever since I saw and wrote with Azizah's Omas Paragon which had a semi-flex nib. And steel blue is the ink I bought at Couronne later on. It's such a beautiful petrol color!

With some TLC I got this power filler to gulp up some kon-peki. Oh yeah. #omas #lucens #flexywriting #fountainpen #fpgeeks #stubnib #tilburgpenshow #fpn #fountainpennetwork #penmanship
This is the Omas Extra Lucens from around 1937, which I got from Tom Westerich, a vaccuum power filler that needed a bit of silicone grease and TLC to work! This nib is such a gorgeous wet writer! Still needs a bit of work like heat setting the nib and feed properly because it has some start up issues, but wow, the Omas Extra nib just glides over the paper.

The nib on this pen! An amazing find at a 'need to be restored' table at the penshow. It needs new threads in the cap but that is it! #tilburgpenshow #luckyfind #tilburgpenshow2015 #waterman #fountainpen #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #flexywriting #fl
And this was a lucky grab on a 'needs repair/sold for parts' table. The only thing that needs work is the threads in the cap. But everything else just works great! There was even a sack in there so it was ready to write! And man, that stub nib is really stunning!

Last but not least, the unicorn find of the day:
The luckiest find at the #tilburgpenshow2015 for me was this 1/2 full bottle of the most coveted #parkerpenmansapphire ink! It's like finding a unicorn! #vintage #luckyfind #penshow #tilburgpenshow #parker #fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork
Parker Penman Sapphire ink! And half full! For under 10€!! It was tucked away at a far corner of someone who sold a lot of older ink bottles and I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted it! I can't wait to test this in a pen!

We left for home satisfied and happy and I am already wondering what next year will be like at the penshow :) And I am curious: What was your greatest find at a pen show? 

Thanks for stopping by! 


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