Art Journal: The 8th Chakra

The 8th chakra - completed

This Art Journal page emerged organically from an intuitive art session. And while creating it I also had no idea that the 8th chakra was actually a thing but doing some research after I created this page, apparently it is something I have been working on the past 3 years without realizing I was doing so.
 I played with different materials to explore a resist technique and then wanted to use the symbol 8 from a stencil and add a face to it and she just naturally came into being. Truly amazing!

See more of the process ...

The 8th chakra - resist drops
Resist with oil pastels and Lindy's Magicals on pastel paper.

The 8th chakra - resist dried
Added some watercolor to the page and this is the first layer after it completely dried.

The 8th chakra - resist contrast
Then I went to work with some acrylics and a stencil and a sponge. I used Donna Downey's Circutboard stencil and worked on placing the circles within and around the oil pastel circles and just love the effect here!

The 8th chakra - the 8th background
Added some interference gold paint and scribbled around the circles with the Jane Davenport Paint Over pens. The 8th showed here and I was really happy at this point and contemplated to stop...

The 8th chakra - emerging face
But then something just compelled me to stamp the Large Face by Jane Davenport on this page and just see where that would take me. It was a real struggle to get the acrylics over all the different layers, but with patience, it started to build up more...

The 8th chakra - highlighted face

By this point I was happy with the face, the under layers showed through just enough to give it some interest and I created shading with a really soft pencil. Then it was time to work on her hair...

The 8th chakra - face with hair

Which I used a semi waterproof black brush pen to add the initial lines. Then played with Jane Davenport mermaid markers in purple and blue black, plus added some interference gold paint to the hair and the eyes & the number 8.

The 8th chakra - details
When you tilt the page the number 8 and the eyes shine brightly. Connected to the 8th chakra. I felt the need to add one last thing to the page after I spattered some acrylic ink in her hair...

The 8th chakra - P&C
I added the sentiment I am Present and Connected to the bottom of the page. The stencil I used is from StencilGirl and I just hand lettered the word connected. Outlines with a black roller ball pen I called this page done.

I've learned so much in this process and felt so elated and happy when this page came into being. Complete mindful journaling. The sentiment is of course the name of my mindfulness based instagram and blog. And I have found that journaling on Letter format (A4 format) has given me a lot of space to creatively express myself more. Very happy to be exploring that more. What is your fave size to art journal on? 

Sharing this piece with everyone over at Art Journal Journey as well as the Theme Art for Art's sake is really present in this created page.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have an awesome creative weekend. 


  1. I am really sure you are lit by art and you are connected with the 8. chakra always while creating these wonderful pieces ! Gorgeous art Cheetarah and thank you ever so much for linking again to Art Journal Joureny challenge! YOur art is a pleasure to look at ! Happy weekend to you! Big hugs, Susi

  2. I was so intrigued by the steps you took to get to the finished project. This is a wonderful and mystical painting and I fell in love with each step you took along the way. It is a truly lovely and 8th chakra worthy painting. It is also a wonderful journal page to share with us at Art Journal Journey. I love it.

  3. I love this and the way you were led by your 8th Chakra to create this! I'm pleased you showed the process too! Thank you so much for linking to my Art For Arts Sake theme at Art Journal Journey! Have a great weekend! Chrisx

  4. It is interesting how you started and went on with your wonderful Chakra Artwork. Your Lady looks very impressively. I like what you did very much.
    Dear greetings

  5. She really is devine, giving off lots of positive energy and at peace with one. Thank you for sharing.
    Creative Wishes Tracey.


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