Art Journal: Exhaustipated! - VLVS!

Exhaustipated - VLVS!

Hi friends! It's my turn over at VLVS! blog today to share a creation. It's almost december and all the year end holidays are coming up and for me it's always such a tough month. The business of the festivities, hustle and bustle to buy presents (buyer's stress) does not mix well with my Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I just feel sooo tired just thinking about all these busy days ahead and dealing with the lack of sunlight which is a much needed fuel for my body. Often people think I am a real Grinch when I let these feelings out, but it's not about not wanting to celebrate. Being forced to be happy about the holiday season while I'm dealing with some tough things on a physical and emotional level, sometimes just takes its toll and I rather be honest about it than fake going through being "happy camper" about "this festive season".

Anyhow, I didn't had a word for this feeling until the brilliant people at VLVS! came up with this awesome word stamp "Exhaustipated: too tired to give a shit." and OH MY what a relief it was to create this art journal page about what I am feeling! So cathartic and meditative. Also this woman stamp is just my avatar around these winter days. To see the process of this page, I invite you to go to my blogpost at VLVS! HERE which also includes a list of other VLVS! stamps I used. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have any sort of similar feelings about this topic, let me know, so we can support each other in solidarity. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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