Pens and Ink: Omas Bologna with Montblanc Dandy Turquoise

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid

This post is going to be an appreciation post of this pen, which is the Omas Bologna in Black and Gold Celluloid finish. I was lucky enough to find this one for sale at a local boutique and since the Omas pens are not readily available anymore, I jumped at the chance and got this gorgeous writing instrument.

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
Look at that stunning celluloid finish! I bet you could not resist this beauty when you've seen it up close!

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
It's fitted with a 14k fine "colonnade" nib. Not my preferable nib grade, but you can't be too choosy with pens that are hard to come by. Thankfully the Omas nibs are somewhat springy so it does offer a nice line variation in writing.

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
I've paired this pen with my fave turquoise ink, Montblanc Honoré de Balzac Dandy Turquoise, a special edition ink from last year. I love this color and have a few bottles of it, but only use it sparingly because what if I run out of it?? That is the perpetual fear of owning LE inks Isn't it? I decided this pen is definitely worth that special ink though! It's got some great shading and sheen, which even a fine nibbed pen like this Omas can bring out quite well.

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
I am definitely loving this pairing a lot. And this pen is just so shiny!

Omas Bologna Black and Gold Celluloid
What I also like about this pen is that it has a lovely detail on the finnial, the "O" gives it a nice finishing touch.

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
The clip on the pen is a bit different than their usual clips with the little wheel on the end. It's also a bit more springy than those clips. Certainly fits the overall look of the pen.

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It also came in this leather pen sleeve, one that came with older Omas pens. Love the deep blue color it has and I prefer it more than the felt pen sleeves that came with the resin ogiva's for example. This has a classier feel to it. My Omas Bologna in red celluloid also has this same pen sleeve, So it think it only came with certain special edition or older pens.

Omas Bologna black and gold celluloid
I got this Bologna for a great deal at a local boutique because of a clearance sale and I still can't believe the luck I had with that! It's definitely a stunner of which I am proud to have in my fountain pen collection. If you ever have the chance of picking one of these up, definitely don't hesitate! 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day. 


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