Monthly planning MTN: August 2016 update

MTN august 2016 update

So I have been well behind with my monthly updates in my Midori Traveler's notebook, but this past weekend I finally had some time to finish both august and september speads *big sigh of relief*
August has been a bit of a difficult month for me, as I was sick with a Bronchitis infection that lasted about 3 weeks. It seemed to rain like forever, until the last weeks rolled around and brought some much needed sunshine and happiness.

MTN august 2016 update
I decided to use some of my favorite Carabelle stamps to decorate the pages for august. I chose the cloud and raindrop stamps designed by Birgit Koopsen and the Pavots Rigolos by Azoline to set the mood for this month's theme. I stamped them with memento dewdrops and colored them in with tombow markers and blended it with a water brush. After the blending I immediately heat dried the page with my heat tool so the colors would not seep through the back page as much.

MTN august 2016 update
Sadly it did a little, but it could have been worse! But I have found a perfect solution for this problem with my next spread, which I will share with you on my september update.

MTN august 2016 update
August was a slow month and I spent most of my time recovering from the infection. But one thing really stood out and that was the Amsterdam Comic Con! It was fantastic! I got to meet James Masters, Christopher Judge, Lance Hendriksen and met up with good friends in that weekend of whirlwind fun! I was glad to be recovered that weekend to enjoy it fully. Most of the days were left empty as I spent my time on the couch and re-watch episodes of Dawson's Creek. I thought it would be fun to fill those up with the cute owl emoticon stamps from Minipunkt.  To remind myself that difficult times will pass I put in the quote "It can't Rain all the time" (from the Crow) and Flowers will Bloom (but it first needs rain to do so...)

MTN august 2016
With the addition of the happy owl faces, it turned out to be a fun spread after all. I spent most of my time just being and resting and the spread does reflects that. September is a whole different spread with a lot of activities and I can't wait to share that with you next week. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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