Tilburg Penshow 2016 recap (and spoils)!

This past Saturday was the 28th edition of the Tilburg penshow which took place at the Natuurmuseum. It was an awesome sunny day and the car ride over to Tilburg was filled with sunshine and excitment :) And once again when I entered the building and saw all the gorgeous pens on the tables and met up with great friends at the show, I totally forgot everything else existed, so not a lot of pictures were taken.
Tilburg penshow
You would be blinded by all this too, right? And this is only ONE table, from you guessed it Sarj Minhas.

LE's in glass cases on @sarjminhas's table at the Tilburg penshow #tilburgpenshow #tilburgpenshow2016 #fpgeeks #fpn #fountainpennetwork #fountainpen
He also had a bunch of gorgeous Limited Edition pens in glass cases with him. All out of my budget unfortunately but great to look at :)

I was too busy oogling pens yesterday to post anything. But there were a ton of beauties for sale like these vintage and modern Omas pens at @sarjminhas table #tilburgpenshow #tilburgpenshow2016
He even brought a whole case of vintage and some modern Omas pens with him! To taunt me I am sure as last year I got a gorgeous Omas paragon with Mottishaw BB stubbed nib from him. I really oogled them a lot and tried a few when I asked if he has any specialty nibs he really gave me something special...

A couple of pens I've tried from @sarjminhas and I might have gotten one of these beauties with me :) #tilburgpenshow #tilburgpenshow2016 #fpgeeks #fpn #fountainpennetwork
Some pens I tried with great nibs on them! From left to right Omas club with Mottishaw B stubbed nib, Omas Lucens Extra with fine flex nib, Nettuno also with a B stubbed nib, which wrote amazing! But the last one of the line up, was something I have been looking for for years! A Wahl Eversharp Doric 2nd generation in grey shell with adjustable #9 nib. But not just any nib...

wahl eversharp doric
It has a oblique broad adjustable nib which is not something you see everyday (to put it mildly ;) So needless to say, this one went home with me.

wahl eversharp doric
Yes in my excitement I spelled Doric wrong, but look at how awesome it writes! So I finally have my adjustable Wahl Eversharp Doric with an amazing nib thanks to Sarj!

These beauties were also purchased from Sarj:
Tilburg Penshow Spoils
Swan Leverfiller in jade green marble with a wonderful #2 flex nib and a Conway Stewart 15 in blue marble with a flexible ob stub. Super happy with my new vintage beauties!

Another find of the day was in a grab box filled with random cartridge boxes:
This was probably the find of the day at #tilburgpenshow #tilburgpenshow2016 #FPN #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #parker #parkerpenman #parkerink #parkerpenmansapphire #parkerpenmanmocha #parkerpenmanruby #cartridge #vintage
Parker Penman Mocha, Sapphire and Ruby :) Not all a full box, but definitely still usable! And I have started using them in my parker pens right away!

Talking about ink, I would not leave without a bottle of the KWZ Monarch ink esp. made for Fontoplumo store. They are opening their brick and mortar store in Delft this weekend! I am super excited for them :) 
Tilburg Penshow Spoils
It's a beautiful warm orange and smells delicious! It also has great shading in a juicy broad nib. More of this in a future pens and ink post!

But of course it was not all about finding great pens and inks but also connecting with great friends, old and new. Was so great meeting them again and one of them was hard not to miss...
Tilburg penshow
SBRE Brown in his colorful suit in front of La Couronne du Comte's shop. He also posted a more flattering picture on his instagram which I also took  ;) 

This picture taken by Dries captures the crazy fun of the day  for sure

I could not have said it any better, Dries! Thank you for this fab group picture!!
And thanks to everyone for contributing to such a fun day!

For more Tilburg penshow fun,
see a great recap from Dries at The Pencilcase Blog and
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Until next year!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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  1. Oh wow, I envy those flexy pens you found! I really want a vintage flex but I never dare to commit because I know nothing about what I should buy! Thanks for the great recap, and for the great day of course! :p


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