The Pelikan Hub 2016 round up

This year the Pelikan hub was also hosted in Amsterdam :) It was this past Friday and definitely was a super fun gathering! With thanks to the hubmaster SBRE Brown (and his charming wife Gourmetpens!) the generous sponsoring of Appelboom Pennen, the goodies Pelikan International has provided and all Pelikan Pen Afficionado's attending the gathering, it was pretty successful first (of perhaps many?) hubs in Amsterdam!

Pictures say more than words, so below an impression of the night where birds of a feather, flocked (in pen-geekery) together :)

Pelikan hub Amsterdam 2016
Opening speech by hub-master SBRE Brown. I think a flock of 18 people attended and the venue was a church hall which Joost from Appelboom pennen has set up.

Pelikan hub Amsterdam 2016

All brought pens and ink and we chatted, tried pens and shared stories. It was great fun!
Pelikan hub Amsterdam 2016

Pelikan hub Amsterdam 2016
That is Joost from Appelboom pennen behind the bar being a gracious host as well. He brought a lot of inks for us to try and some new release pelikans (I might have got one...)
Mr Eric Orozco (top picture, busy at work ;) and Mike Ward also attended the hub all the way from the US! Mike was kind enough to do some calligraphy samples for us.

Very cool to have @mrmgward at the Amsterdam #pelikanhub and calligraphing my name :)
Pelikan hub Amsterdam 2016
He wrote my (and most of all the other attendees) name in beautiful Spencerian script. That really brought something very special to the event :)

pelikan collection case
And this is my special Pelikan collection box case with the pens I brought with me to the hub.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, was too busy having fun! See Gourmetpens's round up post of the hub HERE for more pictures of the day. We stayed pretty late and here is a picture of us taking the late train back to Leiden

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Hopefully next year we'll have another one of these to look forward to :)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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