WIP: Messing with some Gold Gesso

Gold gesso experiments
A few months ago I've bought the Gold Gesso from The Crafter's Workshop. When Bianca's Toko had a sale going on, I bought the jar at 50% discount and I experimented with it a bit. I had some scrapbook sheets and print outs I had worked on with some various mediums and wanted to see how the Gold Gesso would react on it.

Gold gesso experiments
This is a large scrap book page which I cut in 2 pieces to make it more workable on the table.  It has layers of acrylic paint, oil pastels and gel medium through a stencil and I have applied the Golden Gesso over it.

Gold gesso experiments
I applied it lightly over the pages and you can see it dried a bit sheer and you can clearly see the colors and layers under it. This looks really fun and exciting. The gesso protects the bottom layer and it won't be effected when adding other layers on top!

Gold gesso experiments
You can see the fun structure the matte gel medium created as well. I'm excited to work with this further!

Gold gesso experiments
I took the same stencil and applied some gel medium through it on a Klimt print. When it dried I added a thin golden Gesso layer.

Gold gesso experiments
I love the fact that it dries really sheer and you can see the underlying print clearly. It has such a beautiful effect! This weekend I'm going to mess about with these gesso'd up prints some more and hope to show you the results next week!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



  1. Ken dit "spul" helemaal niet; ziet er mooi uit! Je werk s mooi; doet me een beetje denken aan Klimt... Fijn weekend!

    1. Het is best fijn spul om mee te werken :) Het onderste plaatje is ook een printje van een werk van Klimt, dus zeker niet mijn tekening, maar even goed dank voor het compliment :)


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