Pens and Ink: Pelikan M1000 with Robert Oster Purple Rock

Starting off the day with a bit of #writtenmeditation in my Rhodiarama journal. Got some spatters of Purple Rock on it and you can really see that purple lavender hue on it :) Have a great day everyone ­čĺť
Not too long ago I had the amazing opportunity to buy a Pelikan M1000 in black with gold trim in a clearance sale for a great price. Something I could not resist even though I was wondering if I would use it enough because it came with a fine nib and is such a large pen. Well, inked with this spectacular ink Purple Rock by Robert Oster, it definitely became one of my fave writers in no time!

Something I have learned in spades last year, listen to my body and keep my energy balance in check. Always good to remind yourself of what you have learned and keep it in practice. Inked my M1000 with Robert Oster Purple Rock and the M1000 nib grade is o
The nib on the M1000 is nothing but spectacular! It's quite a large pen (see a review of the M1000 here by SBRE Brown and here by Brad Dowdy on the Pen Addict) and the nib has some wonderful spring to it. It's one of the rare fines I truly enjoy writing with.

The first bottles I got of @robertostersignature Itvhad to be Bondi Blue beacuse turquoise and sheen?! I need that!! And am curious of the Purple Rock because I wanted a purple black. Hope it's as good as @attilasultis's swabs made it look :) Oh and it is
I bought the Purple Rock in my order at Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery together with the Bondi Blue. At first I thought it was more of a black with a light hint of purple, but it's a deep dark grey with a gorgeous purple hue to it. It's subtle in a fine nib though, but it's definitely more visible in broader pens or in an ink splatter like the top picture. A beautiful work safe pen and ink combo I would say. See some awesome ink tests on Robert Oster inks here by Nick Stewart at Inks and Bleach.

purple hues
Here you have Purple Rock flanked by Diamine Damson and Caran d'Ache Storm, It's definitely a lot darker than the other two dusky purples for sure, though you can see the purple hue purple rock has very clearly in less saturated parts in the writing below and the splatter.

Pelikan M1000 with Purple Rock
Purple Rock is a great match for this gorgeous M1000 and also a fun "safe for work" color.

Next week I'll show one of the other purples in another Pelikan. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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