Pens and Ink: Pilot Retro Pop and Diamine Blue Pearl

I have been seeing this pen in use by a few people on my Instagram and since it's turquoise and not that expensive,  I was at Akkerman I let myself get seduced and got one.

My views on the Pilot MR Metropolitan Retro Pop. #writtenreview #pilotmetropolitan #retropop #turquoise #plumix #cursive #italic #diamine #shimmertastic #bluepearl #Fpgeeks #FPN #pilotMR #review

As you can see from the written review, I have mixed feelings about it. It's pretty, but the writing experience was so-so. but after I changed the standard m nib with a plumix nib (cursive italic) it writes a whole lot nicer! The European version, which is called the Pilot MR, takes standard international cartridges, BUT you have to be careful which converter you put in there and not push it in too hard.

And to show you that you definitely should not push your international converter too hard into the pilot MR European version. It's a delicate fit. #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork

If you do, you might get unlucky and split the converter nipple which will cause serious leakage. This is a standard international converter and it was a tight fit, but I pushed too far and it broke. Fortunately the pen nipple is still intact. At the moment I'm actually using a jinhaox750 converter and that works fine (that has a bit sturdier plastic on the top, but the piston operator part is crap...)

Pilot MR retro pop EU and Pilot Metropolitan Asia with the difference in converters. #Fpgeeks #pilotnamiki #metropolitan #retropop #pilotMR #FPN #fountainpennetwork

To show you the difference in converters: Pilot MR EU version top now fitted with a jinhaoX750 converter and the Pilot Metropolitan Asia version with the Pilot Namiki Con 20 old style squeeze converter. It's too bad they made the difference because you can get more ink in the namiki cartridges/converters. And not to mention that you have to be careful using the SI converter in your MR. But if you use cartridges only you should not have a problem. 

In my review there are more pros than cons and in the end it's a nice inexpensive daily writer. I esp. like that you can swap nibs with the pilot plumix and 78G pens to make the writing experience more interesting. 

Hope this was useful if you have or planning on getting a Pilot MR. 
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