Mail Art Monday - Rust Elke Dag

This year I have decided to post my mail art posts on monday's, I had one planned for last week, but due to a tragic day, I just couldn't do much more than grieve

Why the change from postings on sunday's? Since I do most of my creating over the weekend, I often do not have the time to sit down and write a blog post on those days and I want to be more consistent in my updates. Also Mail Art Monday has a nicer ring to it and it's inspired by the MAM posts on Viva Las Vegas Stamps done by my friend Tera :)

Mail Art 2016 - 003 Rust Elke Dag

This is one of my mixed media collages where I have used 'junk mail' and test back ground pieces. The image of the woman is from a vintage dutch fashion magazine. I used them in mail art before, like in this one. The sentiment is actually one of my new year's resolutions, "rust elke dag" in English transplates to "rest (or relax) every day". It's so tempting to get caught up in the flow of work and other things, and not let yourself REST enough. Last year was a learning curve for me and this year I am taking what I learned to hart and let myself REST for a little while every day.

Mail art 2016-003 green background

The back wall in the living room is green and I love how this piece looks with that backdrop. I sent it to Meeltje in NL for a swap on Swap-Bot

Drinking tea and reading some, doing yoga, mindful breathing meditations are some of the methods I use to relax and unwind. Do you let yourself rest every day?

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. Yay found your blog! I like your new years resolution! I need to learn to take time to breath too! I love this collage BTW! Great colors!! And thank you for your sweet words!

    1. Hi! Glad you found my blog :D Hope my mail art has finally made it to you. And thank you for the inspiration :) Heah in busy lives it's harder to fin the time to just relax and breathe. Hope school is going well! xoxox


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