Thriftfinds Thursday - Inky goodness from across the border

On a recent impromptu trip to Antwerp for my wedding anniversary last weekend, we came across a few fun pen stores: Penworld, Kockx and Pen and Pencil. They are definitely worth the visit! I found a few vintage fountain pen ink gems I want to share with you here.

Vintage ink finds: caran d'ache blue in J Herbin bottle #carandache #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpeninks #ink #fountainpen #vintage #luckyfind

At Penworld I found the Caran d'Ache blue in a J. Herbin bottle. They are pre Colors of the earth series and I was lucky enough to find a turquoise bottle not too long ago at de Roos in Heemstede, NL. 

An amazing find! An older bottle of Caran d'ache turkisgrün ink which was manufactured by J. Herbin. #carandache #inkbottle #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #fountainpenink #ink #turquoise

Also at the same store, in a little corner tucked away, I found these super cute mini baby bottles of sheaffer skrip inks. 
Vintage ink finds: mini sheaffer inks red, peacock blue, emerald green, brown #sheaffer #skrip #vintage #ink #fountainpennetwork #FPN #fountainpenink #Fpgeeks #inks

They are the size of those tiny baby bell cheeses, super cute! I do love cheese, but I rather have these inks than those baby bells though. Just saying in case you were wondering ;)

Vintage ink score: montblanc violet #vintage #montblanc #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpenink #violet

Then over at Kockx which is the oldest fountain pen store in Antwerp (and also has a lot of exclusive and expensive pens) I found the montblanc violet ink. I am very curious how this compares to the lavender purple. 

I can't wait to swab these on my Maruman Mnemosyne word card tabs. 

What is your latest lucky vintage find?

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  1. Fantastic find. Caran d'Ache Turquoise is my favorite color ink and has been for about 60 years. The nuns in school hated it as they wanted everyone to use black.


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