Today is reminder to always be thankful

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Today my American friends have a national holiday, Thanksgiving and though it's not a world wide celebrated day, I do appreciate the sentiment of what it means to give thanks. So it's a good moment to pause and remind yourself what you're thankful for. In the wake of terror of what happened in France a few weeks ago now, in these terrible and strange times we live in, it's so important to be grateful for the things you have in life. I for one am thankful for a fact that sometimes can be taken for granted; Freedom. To live, laugh, read, write, choose, create, breathe, love... We have the freedom to celebrate life and no one has the power to take that away from us. So today is good reminder to always be thankful. 

The above card I have made for Goulet Pen Company's month long Thanksgiveaway celebration/write in contest. See their blog for a lot of inspiring and heartfelt letters. If you want to join in, you can until november 30th :) 

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