Monthly planning with sakuralala's 365 stamps in Traveler's Notebook

A while back I entered a giveaway on instagram for the cute Fall 365 stamp sets by sakuralala and I could not believe my luck that I was actually one of the winners!! These babies arrived in the last week of october and they are just fantastic in real life!

They are here! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway @_sakuralala_ I love these stamps so much and I can't wait to use them! Mahalo 😊 #sakuralala #365 #rubberstamps #plannerlove #plannerlife #planneraddict
The Fall Collection consist of clear stamps sets: alphabet Fukuro, Frame, School, Aki and Daily. The little stampers are just perfect sized for planners! I decided to give the monthly planner thing a go to properly use these stamps. I already have a dated weekly planner for work stuff in my Passport Traveler's Notebook so I decided to try the open monthly planner refill 017 for fun stuff in my new Blue Edition Traveler's Notebook which my husband gifted to me (he knows me so well!)  
NB: they are sold out every where but Misc Store still has a few of them left! 

November already started and seeing I already had a few events that took place, I decided to just start with this month. First I needed to get the dates on the monthly planner ready. For this I used my fave typewriter font by Image Tree of EK Success stamps.

Giving this monthly open plannner a shot. #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sakuralala

Giving this monthly open plannner a shot. Using typewriter font for the dates #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sakuralala
I used memento stamp pads color selection Mango for October dates and Sweet Plum for November dates. And I hand wrote the days on top with my Visconti Honey Almond with SBRE Brown ink. Thought that would be a good fall ink color to use.

Used @_sakuralala_ fall collection Aki stamp set for this section and #noodlers #blueghost for the UV effect #Halloween #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sakur
I started with an event that happened in October, Halloween! I really love that little ghost stamp! I also love the font used for the words halloween, october etc. Such a pretty script. So we had a bad horror movie night (I honestly can't even remember which one, it was that bad!) and I inked the ghostie and other bits with Noodler's Blue Ghost, because of the blue ghost card exchange I have participated in at Instagram. The ink lights up under UV light and that is super fun!

A very important date early on this month 😊 #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sakuralala
Next up was my 12/2 anniversary (12 years together, 2 years married) on november 5th :) We usually celebrate this day by having dinner at our fave tapas restaurant La Plancha. Love the little wine glasses and bottle stamp. We like to drink rose when we eat out so pink hues for these stamps.

Adding some fun decoration to the days of the month before. This is Aki in combination with Daily stamps by @_sakuralala_ #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sak
There was almost a week of October at the beginning and wanted to add a bit of fun and color to it. Used the Tree stamps from Aki set and the  little houses from the Daily set in browns, reds and orange colors to accentuate the fall colors.

This stamp from @_sakuralala_ ' s school set was perfect to mark this unique day at @misc_store_ams #travelersfactorycaravan #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #
The School set had the PERFECT stamp to mark this day on the calender: a spiral bound notebook. That day we went to the Traveler's Factory Caravan pop up at Misc Store and we got a unique notebook designed and hand bound by the Japanese Craftsmen of Traveler's Factory. Will post more about that day in a future post.

Had a pretty busy but super fun weekend! The letters for antwerp are from the Fukuro set and pencil from School from @_sakuralala_ fall collection #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoo
I then used Fukuro set (I love this font!) to recap where we went away for a couple of days. Antwerp is such a nice city! We mostly went shopping (as I revealed my vintage ink scores in the last Thriftfinds Thursday post) and had a great time at MAS museum. Such an incredible building!

The typewriter and banner stamps are from Hema. Also the perfect size for these monthly planner things. #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelersnotebook #midori #fountainpen #visconti #colorcoordination #365stamps #sakuralala #hema #typ
These little banner and typewriter sets I got from HEMA a while back and I discovered they are actually really useful for these planners as well. Good excuse to use the typewriter stamp for the beginning of NaNoWriMo, which I actually have joined this year. And that consists of daily writing in my journal. I actually drained a few pens of their ink in the past weeks, so I think it's going well.

Off to a good start I think. Definitely fun to do. Also this monthly planner looks so good in my new blue edition Traveler's Notebook my sweetie got me from @misc_store_ams this weekend😀 #plannerlove #plannerlife #memento #rubberstamps #travelers
And that is what the pages of this month looks like at the end of the first week. It's kind of fun and meditative to do actually! In the end I also added something I look forward to, a concert of Walk the Moon. I am curious how the total will look at the end of the month. I plan on updating the pages of the planner at the weekends, so let's see how that goes. Of course I will post the end result here early next month.

I am mostly curious if this monthly planning thing will work for me. My passport size work planner has a lot of boring notes, but that's why I also wanted a FUN planner :D I see a lot of creative people filling their weekly and/or monthly planner with such amazing detail, it is quite inspiring. Check out the blogs and Instagram pages of the Sakuralala 365 DT member's to see more inspirationail things you can do with these cute planner stamps!

Would love to hear if you also use your MTN for planning. And if you do, what is your preferred planner format? Weekly, Monthly or even Daily? Let me know :) 

Thanks for stopping by!


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