Back from a well earned vacation :)

It's been a bit quiet on my blog the past 3 weeks in which I had a blissful vacay from the business of city-life and surrounded myself with the green of Sweden's forests and rolling hills. We go there every year now since 2008 and every year it's still breathtakingly beautiful. Also I think I fall in love with Stockholm a little more each year...

An impression of the sights this year:

Good morning! Clear blue skies signals a beautiful day ahead :)
view from the back yard at the summer stuga

Crossing lakes and rivers and getting deeper into this beautiful country. #sweden #traveller #travelling #clouds #sky #nature
Drottingholm #stockholm #sweden
a trip to Drottingholm by boat

Oh yes, we had some berry good pie yesterday. Blueberry cheesecake made by my MIL and berries from the nearby forrest. Someone is a happy little Björn. #cheesecake #blueberry #rilakkuma #dessert
berry picking and cheesecake making with our little bear

Will miss the beautiful surroundings of rural Sweden a lot... #sweden #nature #forest #rilakkuma #traveller
long walks in the forests

I also have been thrifting again at auktions and loppis stores and antique markets. Can't wait to show you my finds on my thriftfinds thursday section :) 

Hope you all had a great summer holiday too! 


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