Thriftfinds Thursdays - Waterman Patrician Purple Ink

Waterman's Patrician Purple ink - vintage find of the day! #fountainpen #ink #inkbottle #waterman #purple #sheen #vintage #fpgeeks #irongall

A few things I mostly look for at flea markets or thrift shops are fountain pens and ink. This Gem I found at a local market last summer. This old ink bottle is an vintage Waterman 'patrician purple' ink. I love the look of the bottle and the ink is still usable. It has a nice velvety lilac color.

Bottom of the bottle #waterman #patrician #purple #ink #vintage #fountainpen #inkbottle #fpgeeks #luckyfind #pretty

The bottom of the bottle contains such nice details too. And you can see that the bottle is still quite full with ink! If you want to know more about the vintage ink range of waterman, I recommend you read this post by Toaster Pastry on Fountainpen Network. A very detailed and comprehensive review, worth the read. That tropic green is definitely one I will keep my eye out for!

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