Thriftfinds Thursdays - Minty Typewriter

Since I love to saunter on flea markets and stroll into thrift stores, I thought it would be fun to share some of my thrift finds and fun flea markets and vintage shops with you all. So introducing a new section called 'Thriftfinds Thursdays' as a nod to 'Throwback Thursdays' which is a popular 'thang' in the social media hangouts.

 One of my most awesome find a few years ago was this turquoise/mint typewriter which I got at a vintage stall at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. I already owned two typewriters at that point but couldn't NOT have this one. A Brother Delux complete with instructions and in its original suitcase cover, it is a thing of beauty! After some cleaning and a new lint, it was ready to use. 

And yes in the mean time, I have used it a few times, to write letters with for the Typewritten letter swaps at Swap Bot hosted by Betsy Preston for instance. Also to write some text with to use on my mail art. It is not the most quiet typewriter out there, but since it is pretty, I can forgive it that ;)

Do you have a typewriter in your possession? If so, what brand and do you use it often?
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I recently found a a 1939 Remington Rand Cadet at a local second hand shop. I need to fix the space bar and give it a good cleaning, but it is otherwise in perfect condition. I can't wait to put it to use!

    Psst - I'm @khourianya on IG ;)

    1. Hi Cori, thanks for your reply! That sounds like a gorgeous typewriter! Did you have the chance to fix it up? And I need to use mine more often too.


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