Color Chart Wheels

Made a pallet of the turquoise/teal inks I have by using the ticket booklet by #letypographe which I got at @misc_store_ams
A little while back in my post on Misc Store Amsterdam I mentioned I had a great idea how to use the Ticket List booklets (the biotop sable 58.07) from Le Typograph. Well, they make an Inkophile's life so much easier as you can make these Color Chart Wheels with them. I started off with my fave color. Guess what that is?

Sample swabbing turquoise inks #inkygoodness #inkswab #inksampler #turquoise #fpgeeks #inks #akkerman #sailor #montblanc #privatereserve #diamine #takemetothebeachwithturquoise
Join in with this hashtag on instagram if it's your fave color too #takemetothebeachwithturquoise

The process:

Little nano alpaca is helping with the sampling #inksampler #inkygoodness #fountainpenink #inkventory #fpgeeks #nanoblock #alpaca #inkswab
Little nano-alpaca is carefully helping me choose the color gradient.

It's swabbing time #inksampler #inkswab #inkygoodness #inkjournal #dipnibs #dippen #turquoise #fpgeeks #takemetothebeachwithturquoise
Then it's swabbing time! Q-tips are used well in this house hold!

This is definitely my fave turquoise ink (still weep that it is discontinued!) #carandache #caribbeansea #ticketlist #letypographe #fountainpenink #dippen #fpgeeks @misc_store_ams #miscstore #miscellaneous
I write down the manufacturer and color of ink underneath each swab. And some 'figure eights' for fun.

The end result:

The turquoise 'ink sample wheel' I made by using #letypographe 's ticket list booket (got at @misc_store_ams) Going to do a whole rainbow color palet wheels of this. The paper is really sturdy and you van use the backsides of the stubs too!
I love how you can fan these out as wheels! The plastic ring is holds the stubs together very well. The paper is really sturdy and you could use the backsides of the ticket stubs as well.  

Such a close match to old Caran d'ache Caribbean Sea = Diamine Marine. It is a little bluer than CS. If you want a bit more green hue, Kaweco Paradise Blue would hit that mark. Still all three want me to take a holiday to the Caribbean shore 😉
The use of these Color Chart Wheels is awesome. You can discover which inks matches to each other and with that also find a good replacement for an ink that is discontinued. Like Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea for instance. Very close match to Diamine Marine.

 I have made a yellow/orange one as well and my plan is to make a rainbow out of these chart wheels.

If the rays of the sun won't come to me, I shall make my own! #colorcharted #colorcoordination #inkophile #ticketlist #letypographe #yellow #orange #colorsofthesun #colorcartwheel #sunset #sunrise #fpgeeks #colorcharted_yellow #sunshine

This one will be on display at the Misc Store soon :)

 Meanwhile I hope this inspires you to make a few of your own. If you do, I would love to see it :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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