WIP: You Tube channel overhaul!

Hey all, hope you have had a wonderful holiday celebration with your loved ones filled with laughter and joy! I certainly had a wonderful relaxing time and took a little time off to enjoy the festivities. Now I'm doing a bunch of work behind the scenes and did a little overhaul on my YT channel. I have also uploaded a couple of video's which I have made for VLVS! earlier this year, so if you have missed them, feel free to check them out. My goal for next year is to make and upload more process video's of my work. The tricky part is to find the time to do the editing because I rather be in my art room creating than behind the computer in my spare time, you know? The goal is to have bi weekly video's on my channel and thankfully I have a few lined up. Hopefully I can get a better sort of handle on editing time that as I go on with it. If you have any tips on that it would be much appreciated!  Anyhow, I've also tried to make the thumbnails more unified and personally like the look of it. Would love feedback on it and if you are interested in seeing more of my process video's in the future, please make sure to subscribe to my channel. 
As always thanks so much for stopping by and your continued support!

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