Pens and Ink: Favorites of 2017

Faves of 2017

Even though my pens and inks post were few and far in between this year, I still have been using and enjoying my fountain pens pretty much daily and wanted to share my top 10 faves similar to what I have done last year. It was tough to narrow it down but these made the cut. You can see most of them in action on my instagram account Present and Connected and half of them are made by small business owners and are handmade. They are not placed in a particular order,  I really enjoy using them all equally! From left to right: Momiji leafs in night sky made by 18111.com, TWSBI ECO turquoise (special edition), Mojito by Woodshed PenCo, Lecai with Twsbi stub nib, Franklin Christoph model 45 in blue pink black (special edition), Herbert Pen Company Pink seaglass, Sailor Sapporo Purple Cosmos with music nib, Pelikan M625 Ruby with BB nib and the Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass LE of spring 2017 (a collaboration of Goulet Pens and Edison PenCo). Let's take a closer look at them.

Faves of 2017

The Momiji Falling in night sky is a gorgeous handmade pen by the talented Yoshi Nakama of 18111.com and it was on my wishlist for a very long time! I bought it the first month of 2017 and it was SO wonderful when it arrived. His craftsmanship is just evident in all his work. It has a 1.1 steel #6 JoWo nib which writes like a dream. I like to pair it with warm orange colors similar to the leafs on the pen like Diamine Shimmertastic Firefly.

Next is the TWSBI Eco Turquoise, a special edition of this year and since I like turquoise and TWSBI eco's are solid wonderful writers (definitely a great starter pen!) I had to add it to my collection. I love to pair it with turquoise ink colors of course and this pen actually stayed inked since I got it in the summer! At the moment it is inked with Diamine Marine.

The pen next to it has got wonderful memories of the summer attached to it! I think 2017 is the year of Mike from Woodshed PenCo as he has been making such amazing pens through out the year and this is definitely one of them. The Mojito has been paired with soft mint colors of which recently Diamine Shimmertastic Spearmint Diva.
This pen has been gifted to me by my friend Elisabeth. It's a Chinese made pen called a Lecai and it's such a fun pen because you can swap #5 nibs on it and it works great. I currently have a TWSBI mini stub nib on it but also had written with a vintage waterman 2A nib. Super fun little eyedropper pen! Diamine shimmertastic Wine Devine absolutely shines in this pen!
On to the middle section of the pen case in my top 10
Faves of 2017
And the pen next to the Lecai has been one of the most popular pens from Franklin Christoph this year, the Blue/Pink/Black model 45 which has been out in a small batch of 50 and I thank my lucky stars I managed to snag one of these! This type of acrylic swirl has been amazingly popular this year and I managed to get a little seaglass collection with a few other pens that made the top 10 as well. By the way the 45 is inked with Rober Oster Opal Mauve.
Like the pen next to it, is a one of a kind hand made pen by Chett Herbert by the Herbert PenCompany. It's got the "seaglass" cap and section and a pink frosted body. Just amazing craftmanship again from a wonderful pen maker. I am not really a pink color loving kind of girl, but this one was just too gorgeous to pass up! I have it inked with Diamine Electric Pink.
The next pen in line is a gorgeous sparkly pen, in my fave Sailor size, the sapporo. The purple cosmos also a special edition this year was also released this summer. A great companion to my Galaxy Starburst from last year and could not resist getting it with another music nib! It is paired with Diamine Shimmertastic Lilac Satin.
Let's look at the last couple of pens in the tray
Faves of 2017
Next to the cosmos is a pen I was doubting to get when it was first released in 2015, but thankfully I had another chance of buying it at a retailer in Belgium. The Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Edition Twilight has such a gorgeous finish and since I have learned how to adjust my grip around the clip, the VP's are a joy to write with! It's currently inked with Akkerman Parkpop Purper.

Only one Pelikan in my tray this year, which is definitely a difference from last year, but this one is also a gorgeous harder to find older edition: the M625 Ruby with a sterling silver cap, section and piston knob. The best part about this pen that it has a beautiful fat BB calligraphy nib which writes like a dream! Inked with Franklin Christoph Black Cherry at the moment.
And finally we're on to the last one of the list. The Edison Nouveau Seaglass Special Edition of Spring 2017. The acrylic resin is such a gorgeous material, the combination of the soft pink colors with the blue is just gorgeous! I like to pair this with some pink and lavender colors, one of them being Robert Oster Cherry Blossom.
Which rounds up my favorites of 2017. If you like to see more of my pens and ink posts please feel free to follow my Instagram account Present and Connected and my other blog where I also share some personal stories in my Heartfulness and Compassion journey. This quote came to me in one of my meditation sessions earlier this year and I think it is also a great intention to start the new year with. 

With this I am wishing you all a wonderful New Year's celebration. May the universe react in kind to your positive intention for 2018. 

Thank you again for your continued support in my work and hope to see you all again in the new year. 

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