WIP: Scrap collage challenge

30 min collage challenge

Last week on MailART monday, I told you about that 30 minutes challenge. Well it really got me going and I have made a few scrap postcard collages in a few sittings! This is what my desk looks like in the mess of all things collage! I love the messy desk and the wonderful creations that can follow by just randomly placing some found scraps!

junk paper scraps box
On one had I am really glad I keep paper scraps and don't throw them away after a project, so I can assemble new projects with them. But on the other hand I have now 2 boxes full of scraps like the one above!! So I decided to challenge myself and make more mixed media art collage postcards by using these scraps only to try and at least clear out one box this year!

Large A2  scrap paper collage
When one of my desk blotters got empty I kept the cardboard and I have created this huge A2 sized collage piece with bunch of scraps from the box. Also a great way to make a dent in your Modge Podge for sure!

collage work on A2 size
To illustrate Meesha is lovingly posing in front of the collage to indicate its size (in reality I placed the piece behind her while she was dozing off... she doesn't look too amused that I disturbed her sleep, LOL!).

Collage PC's cut from giant A2size collage

So I have cut them out into postcards which was tough cutting into all these layers and didn't go without trouble!

broken things
On the 13th postcard ( I kid you not!) this happened! Oh well, thankfully I have about 8 scissors, but I will definitely miss this one as it had a large handle. RIP sweet scissors, you will be missed..

Anyhow, so the plan is to work more on the PC's to get them to have their own individual glow. If you like to receive one, please feel free to put your mailing address in my postable address book. I like sending surprise mail out to people :)

I at least have created a bit of a dent in one of the boxes, but still have a long, long way to go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. Wonderful AND inspiring. Sorry you broke your scissors, I know how that must feel.

  2. Well, well. This is great fun! Thanks for sharing!


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