Pens and Ink: Currently inked for InCoWriMo

currently inked for incowrimo

Hope you have your pens inked and stationery ready, because it's feb 1st and that means that InCoWriMo has officially started! It's going to be a challenge to write and send out mail every day, but preparation is half the work. To start I have inked up some nice fountain pens with some fun colors. Below you can see my currently inked list.

currently inked incowrimo
From top to bottom:

The list is written in a gorgeous bound notebook with Tomoe River paper made by paper for fountain pens. 
A couple of my favorites of 2016 stayed inked, but a few of them are on their last drops. I hope to be emptying them out fairly soon :) A few others will have their own Pens and Inks post up as well with more close up shots of the pairing.

What do you have inked up at the moment? And are you ready for the snail mail social? Post your pics on Instagram with #incowrimo to show your mailings :) I stared off on a good run...
Mail out day one incowrimo
These went out in the mail yesterday and hopefully one of them will be received today :) Hope to post more weekly round up's of snail mailings in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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