Paper Goods: Fabriano EcoQua A5 dotted notebook written review


Not too long ago I was at Van Der Linde art supply store in Amsterdam and I noticed they had a whole section of these Fabriano EcoQua notebooks on sale for 50% off! Yeah, I was itching to buy one and then I remembered the promise I made to myself; not to buy more new notebooks, unless I would do an actual review on it. So that's what I did! It's a hand written review and I've tested it with fountain pens and various other pens like copics, fineliners, sharpies, and even blo-pens (I still have a set from like 15 years ago....).

I chose the A5 dotted and glued on the long side notebook because of this color! Gorgeous deep purple color that reminded me of Montblanc Lavender Purple. I had my Pelikan M350 inked with de Atramentis Aubergine and that is what I used for the pro's and cons list of the written review.

fabriano review 001
This pen and ink combo showed a lot of ghosting and some bleed through while other combinations did not at all! All the pens and ink combo below showed almost no ghosting or none bled through!

fabriano review 002
The ink held up pretty well, even the flex with the waterman had no feathering! Also I have brought back my Raden VP into rotation and I am getting used to the clip/grip situation :)

fabriano review 003
I also tested a bunch of other pens and yeah that is some pretty well behaved paper! It's toothier than Tomoe River for sure, but I think you can definitely compare it to Leuchtturm paper, though that is a bit smoother to the touch. I had fun doing the above page. In the end i took my Blo-Pens out and spattered some ink over it :D

Fabriano bleed through and ghosting
To show you the ghosting/bleed through, saturated ink/pen combo's like my Pelikan M350 and DA Aubergine leaves a mark on the flip side, as do alcohol based markers like Copic, Letraset and sharpies. But other than that, pretty clean flip side pages so with the right pen, it can definitely be used for double sided writing!

In conclusion, for only 1,55€ (which is the sale price at Van der Linde) you have an excellent A5 fountain pen friendly versatile notebook in one of 8 pretty colors! There are more sizes out there and I might pick up a set of pocket size notebooks next time I am near the store!

Hope this review was useful to you. 
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  1. Thank you for the review.

    I can confirm that most pen and ink combinations work well in theses cahiers/pads (they are glued on one side where normally the spine would be).

    I got my A5 / 90 pages, 85 gsm, in dark blue in Germany at Gerstaecker for ca. 2,60€, a very decent price and now reget I only took one.

    The toothy paper makes writing with pens fun that normally are overpolished and glitch away on Clairefontaine's papers.

    Very nice paper in a simple, chic looking pad. I like.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Julie. I agree that the toothy paper is a nice alternative for pens that skip on too smooth paper (I have a few of those as well).


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