Meesha Monday: July/August edition (and winners of the MM giveaway!)

It's high time for another Meesha Monday post. This sweetheart has been an excellent nurse to me while I was recovering from the bronchitis infection. She never left my side! Also at the end of the cute kitty picture spam I am announcing the winners of the Masterboard Mailart Monday giveaway. So read on if you want to know if you are one of them :)

This little cutie has been living with us for nearly 6 months now. I'm so happy she is doing so well with us 😻  #meeshathecat #meeshaisawesome #meesha #kittycuddles #catsareawesome #catsofig #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catsagram

she has been keeping me company while I have been sick. sleeping on the couch next to me 💕😻 #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsoninstagram #catstagram #catsofig #catsofinstagram #kittycuddles #kittycuteness #cutenessover
Sleeping next to me while all I could do was either lay down on the bed or pass out on the couch.

Our little cutie has been soo tired and hot in this weather. she was afraid of the fan we had installed in the living room but she finally seems to be ok with the strange noise and can enjoy the breeze :) #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsareawe
There were not many hot days, but when it was too much to bare she was just tuckered out and laying flat on the floor. She and the fan are not best buds but she can appreciate a cool breeze from afar.

look at that happy face!! #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsareawesome #catsofinstagram #cats #kittycuteness #catsofig
She likes sleeping in the tubs/tiles, and this was just the funniest sight ever!!

Meesha enjoying the cupboard space I made for her in my art room #meeshaisawesome #meeshathecat #meesha #catsoninstagram #catsofig #cats #catsareawesome #catstagram  #catsofinstagram #kittycuddles #kittycuteness
I made some closet space for her in my art room and I love it that she joins me when I am working on my stuff there.

And after all this cuteness cat picture overload, high time to choose the winners of my giveaway! Thanks to everyone whom participated! The winners are S.Jane and Gerrina !! Congrats gals!! If you would send me an email at miss.thundercat @ gmail.com (without spaces) with your mailing address I will send you each an inspiration card this week :) 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. Replies
    1. You are welcome :) I am a bit behind with my mailings, but will send out this weekend :)

  2. Oeps, en toen heb ik hier helemaal overheen gekeken...wat gaaf! Dank je wel!! Het mailtje komt zo naar je toe... :) Fijn weekend!


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