Pen Hack: Tinkering with TWSBI's

A few weeks ago I told you about my joy with writing with the TWSBI clear fountain pens and teal inks. When I was cleaning pens again last week I discovered a fun fact/pen hack I wanted to share with you here.

I recently pulled out the nibs from my Online Best Writer Campus Calligraphy set and I thought it looked quite similar to the nibs on the TWSBI mini and ECO. So I pulled those out from their housings too and yes, they do look the same size!

For size comparison: the online calligraphy nib flanked my TWSBI eco and mini nibs and the 0.8 is just as wide as a 1.1 See my previous posts for the #penhack #fountainpenhack #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpen #fpgeeks #twsbiminihack #twsbiecohack #on
For size comparison: the online calligraphy nib flanked by TWSBI eco and mini nibs and the 0.8 width of Online is just as wide as a 1.1 width of TWSBI.

This opens up a whole set of new possibilities for my TWSBI's.
It's pen cleaning/tinkering day (on some Katy Perry tunes) and while cleaning my Online calligraphy set, I noticed that it looks a lot like the TWSBI mini (&eco) size. I did a nib exchange (kept the twsbi feed and housing) and presto! It works (and writes
And yes, the penhack with the online calligraphy nibs also works on the TWSBI eco (see my previous post) Super fun!! These nibs are less 'toothy' than the TWSBI ones and write super wet and smooth! #penhack #twsbieco #twsbiecohack #fpn #fountainpennetwork

I switched the Online calligraphy nibs with the TWSBI Mini and Eco (keeping the feeds from the TWSBI pens) and it works like a charm! They write wonderfully and are less 'toothy' than the original TWSBI nibs. If you're interested in swapping out your TWSBI mini and ECO nibs you might be interested in this useful post on fountain pen network. A disclaimer: Be advised that tinkering with your pens/nibs is always at your own risk and might void your warranty at the manufacturer. That said, being able to tinker with your fountain pens makes then a lot more fun to use in my opinion :)

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