Monthly Planning MTN: June 2016 overview

The year is now officially halfway through and like always I am thinking "how the hell did that happen?!" Also it's supposed to be summer, but it really didn't seem like it for the most part of June. I spent days longing for sunshine, but grateful for the days that were actually sunny and I had time to enjoy it. This time I didn't forget to take pictures of the process and I found a fun attribute to help me with numbering the days in the planner :)

monthly update June
Recently I have cleaned up some drawers in my room and found a lovely date stamp you can see on the right. I must have found it at a thrift market/yard sale at some point and forgotten I had it. But it's getting some great use now!

monthly update June
A closer look of the dates. It's a bit finicky to get a good clean print, as it's a pretty old and very used date stamp, but I suppose it's part of the charm. I chose memento Cottage Ivy stamp ink for the dates and I wrote the days of the week with my Pelikan M250 with Akkerman Bezuidenwoud Groen, And I was so pleasantly surprised the ink held up pretty well on the midori page, as it's a pretty wet writer! No feathering, just a bit longer drying time and that I forgot to take in account when I wrote the month and year on the side of the sections.
MTN process june
So yeah I smeared the date a bit on the right and tried to "salvage it" by using a water brush to take away the smear, but well, it got a watercolor-y effect and I just left it like that. Shit happens, right? Anyhow, I took out my fun planner stamps from Sakuralala again (it's a gift that keeps on giving really!) and yay, I had an excuse to use that cute little tooth from the Daily set because of my dentist appointment! I never been so happy to mark a dentist appointment before, ever! But still glad it's not "daily", heh! As you can see, I kept the green theme going and chose a few more Memento inks that fit that theme.

monthly update June
I also used my new TWSBI ECO with Akkerman Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen (which I decided I kinda do want a bottle of... sigh) to note events. This ink dries a lot faster on the page and is less prone to smearing. It's a better combo for this paper. I also added bits and pieces here and there that I felt fit the "theme". At pipoos I found Eline's Handlettering sets Bold and Light on sale and used that to note the CZC challenge and the KAVAN conference (=work related but was a lot of fun!) in the planner. 

monthly update June
As I jotted down the events, I noticed I had a lot of "blank space" left... due to the fact I didn't jot down all my appointments and events in my pocket midori and I could not remember them at the time I made the update... Ehm, yeah, well at least the most important and fun events are on there and more space for some fun images/stamps. I found the dragonfly stickers in my stash somewhere and found the combination of green and orange pretty fun, so went further with that.

monthly update June
And this is the result of the full spread. I added more dragonfly elements and splashes of orange through out the page. I like the balance between the green and orange, it looks really fun this way. The square stickers I used, which I ordered through moo years ago, show my own work. I should make a sticker pack with my recent work as well :) And I also made the "YOLO" Faux postage stamps on vintage postage labels with rubber stamps from Chronicle books. I will do a tutorial and perhaps a giveaway on those in a future post, so be on the look out. "Oh, how I wish it was SUMMER time" resonates my feelings for this month. Hopefully July will be filled with more days spent at the beach :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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