A note on planning: The administration of creation

Since I have been asked a few times, on how I plan my mail art mailings and swaps, I have been thinking about it and what the most effective way is to keep an administration of creation. At the moment (at it has been this way for a while) I have planning systems all over the place: in my midori passport and in the full size. I have stuff on my phone planner, on my swap-bot Dashboard, facebook event pages reminders, notes on my desk... and just trying to remember it all by heart. So in short, it's all over the place (and nowhere specifically). But I know (and have done so in the past) that there is a more efficient system to keep track of all these swaps/mailings. Let me share my past plannings first with you.
mail art 365 begins
What I have done to keep track of my 365 Mail Art project in 2012/13 is getting an undated planner, a beautiful one above is with art from Gennine Zlatkis published by Chronicle books, to fit my needs for the administration log on  which mail art item number is sent to whom. I also took a photo of every mail art item I send out (I still do) and logged it in my photo albums and home and on flickr. It took me over a year but I did finish off the 365 project and also did a few Bonus numbers because I has 4 weeks left in the planner.
Mail art 365 - I made it!!
If you follow the above picture to my flickr album, you'll find a discussion on this very topic from a few years ago! On each piece I also stamped a journal stamp (from Artemio set) and wrote the number and year on it. For mail art sent in 2014 and 2015 I used the monthly pages in the beginning of the book to keep track or mail. And eventually filled the book up completely. So this systematic way of keeping track of sent mail art worked perfectly, as it was a project with my own time and deadlines and had a specific book to log it all in. 

But this year keeping track of things like this didn't work out as smoothly. I started to log it in my undated monthly MTN planner, but I also do my Monthly updates in there and I just forget to log my mail art in there as well. Also now I have a bit of a problem with keeping track of the serial number because I am making a bunch of mail art but sending them out later for swaps that fit the description. And my log numbers got a bit screwed up ...

Whoops! But I've started to get better at it again!

This is how I keep up with my Index Card a Day challenge via @de_craftorij daily prompts. I actully recently got the monthly planner for my midori pocket for this at @misc_store_ams store. #crafttalk #craftyfingers #midori #midoritravelersnotebook #planne
The fact that a monthly calendar system did help me out in the past, I decided to get the midori passport size monthly planner of this year (hey, it was on sale!) to fill in the daily prompts for the CZC. I then stamp a little mushroom in it to note which ones I have done. It works for me because it's an every day carry item for me and when I have some time to look over the prompts and get an idea, I just flip through my turquoise craft ideas book in the same midori to write down or sketch some specific ideas I have. And look, I'm nearly caught up with the CZC prompts!

On my desk right now: customizing my turquoise midori travellers notebook refil from @misc_store_ams with @_sakuralala_  and @vivalasvegastamps Let those craft ideas unravel 😀
This craft idea's book is used to note thoughts I have on certain swaps and quotes I find interesting etc. It's become my inspiration book for when I'm on the road and need to jot in some crafty thoughts. 

I am really interested to know; do you keep an administration of your creations? How do you log your mail out goings and what items do you use for it? I would definitely appreciate a comment below with your thoughts on the subject. It might be of help to my new set up and I will keep you all updated on my endeavors on this as well. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 


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  1. Altijd lastig; zo ben ik er ook goed in om verjaardagen te vergeten (en dat sucks...) Heb wel veel verschillende dingen geprobeerd, maar als je er dan niet naar kijkt werkt het natuurlijk niet :) Fijn weekend verder!


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