Pens and Ink: Waterman 52 with PR Naples Blue

As you may or may not know (it's hard to miss really!) I really like blue inks, esp. turquoise and teal blue. In a recent visit to Akkerman in the Hague I found this gorgeous blue ink color which I did not have yet. I corrected that mistake immediately!

That is s pretty nice blue! Also large bottle score! #privatereserve #naplesblue #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #fountainpeninks #turquoise #bluehues

It's Private Reserve Naples Blue (yes, yes I know I made a spelling boo-boo on my sample card, But to my defence that's how you spell Naples in Dutch ;) and by luck they had a large bottle of it and it was on sale! Double score!! The samples above are done with a Q-tip and on Maruman Mnymosyne wordscards cardstock and the wash out next to it on 80gsm Office Supply grid paper. The maruman card shows the deep saturation and man it has some gorgeous sheen to it! It's best seen in wet writers and flex pens like below.

TGIF! Happy #flexnibfriday #waterman #52 #redripple #fountainpen #Fpgeeks #FPN #fountainpennetwork #funtainpen #flexnib #flexywriting #privatereserve #naplesblue #TGIF

This was for a flexnib friday post on Instagram and it's written with my Waterman 52 with Ideal nib #2 which has a really nice flexibility to it. The glare on the writing is wet ink, and it dried up with an amazing sheen!

The sheen of PR Naples Blue

Check out that red sheen! Nice deep saturated blue color with amazing sheen and and even some shading... Private Reserve really made a gorgeous color here!

What is your current fave pen and ink combination?
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