Shopping Highlight: Posthumus in Amsterdam

Posthumus store displays

To say that this is a dangerous place for a rubberstamp aholic like me, is an understatement. Posthumus store in the centre of Amsterdam is a well known place since 1865. They are in an Ally next to the Amsterdam Museum, a tucked away little gem of a shop. As their blurb on the 'about us' page from the website says:
Set in one of the most historical parts of the city center of Amsterdam is the Royal Posthumuswinkel, a  "winkel" (shop) that has been making and selling custom-made stamps of every kind since 1865. The store is a landmark for lovers of rubber stamps and stationary.You can find not only a seemingly limitless array of stamps, but also beautiful paper, envelopes, inks of all colors and sealingwax. The store is somewhat of a museum too, with antique letters with embossed letterheads an monograms, antique engraving machine, and old photographs of the store.The time-layered ambience gives a lovely sense of nostalgia, but the diverse stock accommodates modern times.
 And true to their word, the store is packed full with gorgeous stamping and stationery materials. A few examples of their stamps on display:

Posthumus store displays
Posthumus store displays
Posthumus what a wonderful store :) can't leave without buying something here!

Gorgeous Zenspirations stamps
Posthumus store displays
Posthumus store displays

And I could not leave without this stamp because of the true statement of this sentiment:
Could not leave this gorgeous #zenspiration #rubberstamp behind at my recent visit at #posthumus A sentiment that resonates its truth.

You can also follow some workshops and make and takes at the store mostly given by Miranda Degenaars. I was lucky to have done a few, which were very inspiring!

Hope this inspired you and when you are in the aria, don't forget to visit this wonderful shop.

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