Thriftfinds Thursdays - Vintage Lamy fountain pens

Last weekend we had a visit to the ijhallen again. It's been a while since we've been there and it was fun to browse the stalls in the wonderful shunshine. Next to some fun clothing (you can score really fun clothes for a very cheap price) I actually found a few really cool and older Lamy fountain pens! even ones I have not seen before.

Yesterday's awesome thrifting score! LAMY studio's from West Germany(pink and musterd yellow), Lamy 27 (black) and Lamy Ratio (red) with golden nibs. And my ultra sonic cleaner is my new best friend! These were incrusted with ink! #lamy #lamylovers #fount

From left to right, Lamy Studio Pink (from West Germany), Lamy 27 Black with gold nib, Lamy Studio Musterd Yellow, Lamy Ratio with gold nib.

I am glad I invested in a sonic cleaner as these pens were really incrusted with ink. The gunk got cleaned right off the nibs! 

Close up of the older Lamy Studio:

Old school Lamy Studio from West-Germany. Cap and section is safari like material. #lamy #lamylovers #fountainpenporn #fountainpen #funtainpen #fpgeeks #collectibles #lamycollection #vintage #thriftfinds

You can see the inscription on the cap. It has a safari like cap and sectionand a brushed stainless steel body. Very interesting design. Another interesting fact; it takes international ink cartridges instead of propiatary Lamy ones. I have never seen these before and it's hard to find anything on the web about it... so if anyone has any info on these pens, please share :)

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  1. From left to right, Lamy Studio Pink (from West Germany), Lamy 27 Black with gold ... penlamy.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the info. Just found meself the same vintage Lamy Studio. But on mine its marked Lamy 25P though. Came with a busted converter. Silly me I did not check the sizing and just shoved a proprietary Lamy cartridge. Didnt work!
    Now am using long Pelikan international cart. Am going to syringe fill those so I am a happy camper. My fleamart find Lamy came with B nib that needs no further work.


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