Mailart Monday - the best beer for a boss mountaineer

Some beers we tried last night and arranged in the order of preference. #specialitybeers #beer #ragingbitchipa #punkdogipa #paleale #albertheijn #smalltownbrewery

It's no secret, I like a good beer once in a while. The above beers were tried and tested, and from left to right arranged in my personal preference. 

The labels are works of art and I did my best to take it off the bottle to use for my mail art. And when this Mail Art swap "put a beer label on it" was being hosted by Tina at one of my fave Mail Art groups on swapbot, SMA, I had to get on it!

Mail Art 016-2016

This is the collage I made for the swap. The background is a 'dirty page' aka a test page which I have on my desk for excess paints etc. I used spray paints to cover the white that was left on the page and the background was set. The Poleeko Pale Ale label was perfect for what I had in mind. The "mustache man" is from a vintage magazine and sorta looks like a Mountaineer. And he has quite a boss mustache really. With some fun font stamps I stamped the text "the best beer for a boss mountaineer" on it, covered the edges with map masking tape and covered it with matte modge podge. I'm glad this postcard was well received by Mandy :)

For this swap, I received a card made by the host herself and I loved it!

Put a beer label on it (1)

What a fun and quirky label she used! Thanks again Tina :) 

A few weeks ago I blogged about other mail art groups you can join on Swap-Bot if you want to be prompted to make themed mail art. That post also has info on how you can join Swap-Bot if you are not a member yet.

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