Thriftfinds Thursday - Vintage Montblanc edition

During my holidays in Sweden I like to search the Loppis stores (thrift stores) and auktions (yard sales) for some fountain pen and craft related items. This year was a pretty well year for some cool finds. A few of them are from the brand Montblanc.

I found these lovely vintage Montblanc fountain pens at a loppis, the grey Monterosa and the black 342. Both of them have some wear and tear, the black body is marked up with scratches and the grey one lost the top and clip, but they still write really well. I revived the old ink that was in the pen to give them a test drive. The royal dark blue one still had some pretty good sheen to the ink!

A few great vintage fountain pen finds while thrifting in Sweden. Montblanc monterosa and a 342. Both write really well. Ink in the pen is revived old ink.

The nibs, after some cleaning look good too.

Some serious vintage nibbage #fpgeeks #montblanc #fountainpen #monterosa #funtainpen #seriousnibbage #vintage #thriftfinds

In a store craft in Stockholm, I came across these montblanc ink bottles.
Vintage montblanc turquoise ink. Made in West-Germany. #montblanc #fountainpenink #fpgeeks #fountainpennetwork #fpn #vintage #luckyfind #thriftfinds

As you must know by now turquoise is my fave color, so I just had to snag these up. They are made in West Germany and the ink color and quality is still very good.

Comparing two older montblanc ink bottles. Back in the day before the wall fell, they squished 2ml more ink in their bottles...
A comparison of the two older ink bottles, both turquoise ink. The bottom one I found at a local store in Amsterdam not too long ago. They were using it to dip test their pens in *shudders* so I am glad I saved it from the store from further abuse ;)

To provide you with some writing samples of both colors:

And this is how she writes.
Ink from the bottom bottle a bit more saturated ink. 

Writing sample of the gorgeous montblanc turquoise ink. Oh and a LE Lamy studio pearl with a old school b nib that writes like a stub :)
Ink from the west germany bottle, a lighter turquoise. 

The first one looks a bit more saturated but it can also be the difference in how both pens write, nib width and such. But I do enjoy both these shades of turquoise :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage gems! 
Thanks for stopping by!


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